Psychic Reading for our Lost Hero Jack before The End…

21 05 2010

I mean, come on…  Could there BE  anything crazier in a Crazy Lost Theory?  So… I consulted myself…  Oh yeah, you probably don’t realize that I’m a sensitive and as such, have a fair level of psychic ability.  So, I did as I do for friends and clients…  I tuned into Jack Shepherd and in turn that connected me into his fellow islanders and this is what happened…  

The following are notes I took during the reading:  


Very grounded

Sense of purpose

He can Feel the island

He loves Kate enough to let her go… The small ache remains. 

Christian may be used as a pawn against him…
We will see more of Christian.

The island feels like an extension of himself (Jack)…
It Seems to react to his moods… Feels like a well fitting coat he is putting on.

Is Jack more connected to the Island than ever? My spirit guides think so...

I’m asking the Question: Will Jack  succeed in stopping flocke?
I see Claire as an angel helping Jack.
And perhaps hindering him. 

Brown Claire is torn. Confusion and pain.
I ask Marlo (my spirit guide) to take a look at the island. 

She was apprehensive of this imaginary place.
She said… “Island Is darker side of people…” I’m wondering if she mean it was the darker side of the human imagination?

Red red red… three times.
Ben is acting on blood… With his lizard brain.

Ben is a storm…
Ben is a bullet hole.

Altiverse Ben is a whole…

Island whole Needs to be filled.

fill the whole fix the island.

I see adversaries falling… down a well…
Could it be whole problem be fixed with the hole filled with the protector and Flocke?
Might that save the island?

Notes I made after the reading:
I’ve never felt a person so connected to a place before… to nature.
Did Jack get a download or instant hookup to the island when Jake had him drink the magic water?
Feels like Jack knows that Kate thinks she belongs with Sawyer… He wants her to be happy.
It felt like Jack would be seeing Christian again.
Sort of like an angel and devil on his shoulder though… being used against him as well as helping him.
Perhaps Jack will become confused about his father? I don’t know.

It was funny doing this reading because There wasn’t much energy to feel… only very vivid images. Like reading ghosts rather than people. 

The whole/hole thing felt like it was an automatic reading response… I didn’t mean to type whole… it was supposed to be hole but I think that the wh gives it a bigger meaning.
I think it indicates bringing the two dualities together… Bringing the monster and the protector back into one whole being as opposed to having it be split into two.
Feels like bringing flocke and jack together as one…
or at least their mystical sides… together again they will restore the balance of the island.
The joining would be unwilling on both parts… I see it happening as an accident with the two fighting each other perhaps falling down a well… or into the sparkly playboy grotto place… and somehow Des is like a conductor between the two… reconnecting the two of them… stablizing… he’s like the electrical part of a machine connecting the two like a bridge.

(and then I started having psychic flashes again as I was writing…. )
I see Desmond standing there like a neutral ground…
but painted red and blue.
that is the image.
his arms are out like that daVinci drawing… the sketch?

Desmond the Vitruvian Man

one arm connected to locke the other to jack.
blue and red… like veins and arteries.
veins and arteries that connect the three together… and into the island as well. All connected. The whole.

man… being psychic is weird.


Looney Lost Tunes: A Longwinded & Perhaps Preposterous Explanation of David’s Mother.

28 03 2010

Yes, it happened again.  I was merely writing a little blog post about Lost’s Jacob and MIB vs. Looney Tunes’ Ralph and Sam when I was hit with coincidence after coincidence over and over again.  Or are they coincidences? 

I ask that you please bear with me while I wind this big train down the line to its tasty destination. There are a few tangents but I assure you, my final conclusion is pretty cool and very flipfloppy.

Conveniently, for my purposes here anyway, in the Lost episode, “Every Man for Himself,” Jack was being held captive by the others and during his capture he is kept in a cell in the Aquarium.  At one point he complains about the cartoons being played on a television monitor in his cell.  These cartoons are Merrie Melodies which are basically interchangeable with Looney Tunes, both being in the Warner Brothers Cartoon Division and starring many of the same characters. This Lost episode is #53 in the series curiously enough, The Ralph and Sam cartoon from my last post was first aired in 1953. 

The particular cartoon that Jack is being shown in episode #53 is called “A Corny Concerto” which is a two-part  parody of both Disney’s “Fantasia” and “The Ugly Duckling.”

The second part (the Ugly Duckling parody) is onscreen when Juliet comes into the cell to bring Jack food. It features the story of a family of Swans who is being  systematically picked off by a vulture.  The hero of the tale turns out to be the lonely black duckling who tries to join the family but is rejected. Even the Vulture rejects him when he starts picking off the baby swans one by one to take away for later meals. The baby duck ends up defeating the vulture, saving all of the baby swans. Then the family adopts him and they all live happily ever after.  

Could this mean that one of Lost’s less savory characters, say Sayid or Ben might become the ultimate hero?  Or could this heroic black duck turned swan turn out to be none other than the Man in Black, saving all the Lostaways from the misguided intentions of Jacob?  

Oh, yes… sorry. Moving on to Jack’s Baby Mama.

Episode #53 is also the one in which Kate chooses Sawyer temporarily ending island love triangle. She makes the hot jungle love to him in the Bear cages as Jack watches on a video monitor. Then she’s forced by Others’ guard Pickett, who is beating the crap out of the blonde side of the love triangle, to admit that she loves Sawyer. There is actually a Merrie Melody cartoon called “The Stupid Cupid,” where Daffy Duck is involved in a love triangle between himself, a white chicken and a brown Rooster wherein he sings a song called “Don’t Sweetheart Me.”  In this song is the following verse:  

Don’t sweetheart me if you don’t mean it
Don’t talk sweet words if they’re not true
Don’t tear my heart like it was paper
Because my heart loves only you

You can’t go round sweethearting others
And then pretend that I’m yours exclusively
Love must be true, mean what you’re saying
Unless you do, don’t sweetheart me

Also in episode #53, it is revealed that Sawyer has a daughter named Clementine.  There is an old folk song called “Oh My Darling Clementine” that is sung several times by Bugs Bunny and Co. It that tells the tale of a miner’s daughter who drowned one day when she tripped while taking her ducklings down to the water to swim. The lyrics were written around sometime between 1863 and 1884 but the music is said to be based on a Spanish Tune that Mexican Miners were often humming in the mines during the 1849 gold rush. Interestingly, the first version of the song written in 1863 was written just 4 years before Richard set out on the Black Rock in search of a new life in the New World just like many of the miners who came to the New World seeking new beginnings. (Yeah… that one is a stretch, but still… ) 

Some of the lyrics to the creepy tune:

In a cavern, in a canyon, (kinda like the lost caves, no?)
Excavating for a mine
Dwelt a miner forty niner,
And his daughter Clementine

Light she was and like a fairy,
And her shoes were number nine,
Herring boxes, without topses,
Sandals were for Clementine.

Drove she ducklings to the water
Ev’ry morning just at nine,

Hit her foot against a splinter, (like Sawyer in the jungle?)
Fell into the foaming brine.

Ruby lips above the water,
Blowing bubbles, soft and fine,
But, alas, I was no swimmer,
(Like Charlie?)
So I lost my Clementine.

(with the chorus between each verse)
Oh my darling, oh my darling,
Oh my darling, Clementine!
Thou art lost and gone forever
Dreadful sorry, Clementine

Okay, sure… I’m stretching it again but here is where the Clementine thing gets good!
There is an American actress named Clementine Ford who was most notably on The L Word as Molly Krawl.  BUT, her first television appearance was on her mother, Cybill Shepherd’s  show “Cybill” in 1998 where she was credited under the name, “Clementine Shepherd-Ford.”

This has given me an idea about another child on the show… only in the Alt World! I’m talking David, son of Alt Jack. Might the mother of Jack’s son be Cassidy Phillips, the mother of Sawyer’s Clementine?

Alt Jack plus

Alt Cassidy Phillips could equal

Alt David?

And if this is so, does that make the original timeline’s Clementine non-existent?

Oh wait! Before you tell me that it’s impossible because Jack has brown eyes and Cassidy has Hazel eyes and Daniel has blue eyes… Christian also has blue eyes, therefore Jack has a recessive blue gene… and if Cassidy does also, they could bear blue-eyed offspring. And do we really want Juliet to be David’s mother? I know I don’t, as a fan of Suliet.

And there you have it… my latest, insanely drawn, crazy lost theory. Hope you like it. I’d like to give a little shout out to Mandy, who mentioned on John Cabrera’s blog a comment made about Jack in episode #53 that sent me down this Bugs Bunny hole. So, Thanks Mandy! That was fun.

Let’s Talk About Candidates, Shall We?

3 03 2010

So… this whole candidates thing has been bugging me since FLocke told Sawyer, “He thought he was the protector of this place. And you, James, have been nominated to take that job.” and went on to say, “It means you have three choices. First, you can do nothing and see how all this plays out. And possibly, your name will get crossed out. Second option. You can accept the job. Become the new Jacob. And protect the island.” 

Flocke Explains it All...


So, from that I believe many concluded that there is only one protector of the island at any given time.  This has given rise to many a mental image of Jack and Sawyer, the Island Protector and his Nemesis (not  respectively I might add) in the last scene of the series sitting on a beach together contemplating the next ship on the horizon. But could that actually be the case?  I mean, think about it… what has Jacob been doing to “protect” the island?  

Jacob has been stalking people all over the world, weaving tapestries, fishing, visiting people off island and manipulating them at often their most desperate moments in life all for the sake of getting them to the island to do what?  Observe what they do in heightened state of survival and then decide who gets to be the protector? That doesn’t sound like he is doing much to protect the island.  I mean, on his watch, what has happened?  Smokey found the loophole and killed him. Was he even watching the island at all…  or just picking people to do so? 

What do we think we know about the list of names? Well, we saw that 6 of our Lostaways are listed on the wall in the cave and have not been crossed out. (There are also some of the same names in the lighthouse including the addition of AUSTEN for Kate.)

We saw FLocke cross out the name  Locke, who is now dead and having his body being used as a meat puppet by Smokey.  So, by this we assumed that Locke was being crossed out either because he was dead or because he was being used by Smokey. And somehow from their we assumed that anyone who was on the wall and had their names crossed out were either dead or not worthy of being a candidate.  But wait a minute.  How did we get there from that?  Let’s take a look at that list shall we and as we do so, let’s look at who is still alive and just what they are doing on (and in a couple cases off) island. 

On the wall (and not crossed out) we have REYES, FORD, JARRAH, SHEPHARD and KWON. We know that each of these people are alive and previous the “Substitute” episode none of them had ever heard the word “Candidate.”  And what have they been doing on the island over the last 5 plus seasons?  They’ve been trying to survive in a harsh and hostile environment, trying to protect each other in some cases and trying to figure out what the hell was going on.  

Also on the wall are a ton of names that have been crossed out and many of them we know to be dead but some could actually refer to the countless others who are never called by name in the show.  I guess we would call them ‘Extra Others.’  Think about it… for all the work that Jacob (or Jerkob as I like to think of him) did to draw candidates to the island, I doubt that there are very many random people who’ve made it to the island who were just happening hoping to try a cup of that delish, perfectly roasted DHARMA coffee that is all the rage these days.  Afterall, we’ve seen that people who showed up for on purpose to preform actual scientific studies, like the french science team, and even they had their names on the lists.

But for my purpose here, I must steer us toward Benjamin Linus.  His name (I must assume because his dad was pretty much useless) was on the list and then crossed out and he is still alive.  And just what has he been doing in his entire tenure on the island?  Well, let’s see… he has been completely allegiant to Jacob.  Yes, he was, at times, manipulated by the smoke monster and broke rules… but he was doing his best to follow the instructions given to him by Jacob.  He was given lists of things to do, orders from Richard Alpert, Jacob’s Administrative Assistant in all things protectory.  So… okay.  Ben has, in essence been protecting the island.  He has been, the island’s protector.  He thought he was anyway.  How many times has he mentioned protecting the island?  

Ben's final words to Widmore as he exiles him from the island: Because I won't be selfish. Because I'll sacrifice anything to protect this Island.


After Miles informs Ben that Keamy wants to speak with him about a hostage, Ben replies, "Ben: Well, then they've badly miscalculated, because every single one of my people is prepared to die in service to this island."


This all leads me to believe that those who have been crossed off the list are not just of the dead and those found unworthy because they are on team smokey….  but also because they have already fallen into their roles as island protector.  Dogen would be one of these people as well… and while we didn’t see his name on the list, we can’t be sure that Dogen is his real name.  Perhaps he took a different name when he left his life behind so he could bring his son back to life.  

The reason that our Lostaways haven’t been crossed out is because they are still in play.  They haven’t been recruited to either side yet.  Well, Sayid now, obviously but IMO, Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sun, Jin and Sawyer are still up for free agents (Well, Sayid not so much after last night’s Sundown).  As for Miles?  He might have been crossed off the list when he signed on to work for Widmore who was clearly a protector of the island.  Think about Widmore too…  His name isn’t on the list but who knows  if Widmore is actually his name?  He has been around forever and a day… and has been known to say things indicative of his role as island protector: 

Widmore tells Ben to kill Baby Alex then explains, "You might find this difficult to understand, Benjamin... every decision I've made has been about protecting this Island."


I’d also like to state here that we can surmise the same of Eloise Hawking.  (Who knows if that is really her name.)  Though off-island this woman is clearly one of it’s protectors as she guides people there from the Lamp Post station and was a sort of co-team-captain with Widmore when they were both on-island. 

So now, why did FLocke seem to want Sawyer to believe that the whole island protector gig was a one man job and not a team building exercise?  Perhaps in singling him out FLocke was trying to manipulate Sawyer into thinking he was special thus stroking Sawyer’s rebellious rule breaking inclinations in effect swaying the con-man in his less savory direction?  I don’t know.  

And what of FLocke’s claim that everyone was now free and they were to go with him to get off the island?  Will our last shot be of the empty island, now inhabited only by transparent ghosts?Or better yet by wild boar and polar bears amidst howling winds? Or just an island sitting there in silence like a haunted vessel in the Bermuda Triangle just waiting for Luke Perry, Dan Cortese and Olivia d’Abo to stumble upon it while cruising the seas in their salvage vessel?  We still have quite a road to travel to find out all this stuff. That is if Darlton is ever going to explain any of it.  

So… can anyone find the 90’s Nickelodeon Sit Com reference in this post?  I’ll let you write a guest blog post if you can find it! 

Until Next Time: All work and now play makes Claire a dull girl.

Jacob Dax: A ‘Lost’ Argument for Symbiosis.

23 02 2010

Can we talk about the candidates for a moment? Because frankly, the whole concept is confusing me. First, let’s talk about what we know. 
We know, and this is according to Flocke:
Jacob's Island Rules according to Flocke (in pictographs)

1. Jacob had a thing for numbers.
2. Jacob visited the people who were written on the wall at some point in their lives.
3. If your name is on the wall, you are a candidate
4. Jacob thought he was the protector of the island
5. A candidate is someone who has been nominated to become protector of the island Flocke also implies that if Sawyer wanted he could accept the job, right there, when he says, “Second option: You can accept the job, become the new Jacob and protect the island.”

What else do we know?
Well, Miles’ name “Straube is on the wall but is crossed out, so you can still be alive but no longer a candidate.
Apparently, Jacob has been looking for a candidate for a long ass time. We saw him in the 1800’s pulling people toward the island looking for candidates.
There are people (perhaps like Linus and Whidmore) who have been following Jacob’s orders for years who didn’t even know about the candidacy and are crossed out yet still doing the job of protecting the island. What the hell is up with that? Jacob already has island protectors… ones who would do literally anything to protect it. What more does the guy want?
And how does one actually take this protector position? Well, I have a theory. It is totally insane and proof that I’ve watched far too much Star Trek in my life, but here goes.

Jadzia Dax of ST: Deep Space Nine


What if Jacob is like Jadzia Dax, a jointed Trill on Deep Space 9? For those not in the know… Dax is the result of a Symbiont (a symbiotic life form) that was joined with a humanoid Trill through a surgical procedure where the Symbiont is placed inside the humanoid shell where they share a melded consciousness. For a Trill, becoming joined with a Symbiont is a great honor. It takes a special personality and a lot of mental strength to even be granted a candidacy and there is lots of training and testing to even be considered and beyond that there is years of more training. A Symbiont is a funky little organism looking like a cross between a carrot and an eggplant who, when not joined with a Trill, lives in the caves of Mak’ala, a place on Trill where Symbionts swim in pools of murky liquid, lovingly tended to by unjoined Trills called Guardians who have dedicated their lives to protecting these lifeforms. (Hmmmm…. These guardians sound a bit like a docile version of Others.)

The Dax Symbiont


When a candidate has passed all the tests and has been matched to a Symbiont, the two are joined. The Symbiont is surgically placed inside the trill and after an adjustment period, the joining is complete. The Trill becomes a hybrid of not only her personality and that of the Symbiont but of all the memories and personality traits of all the Trill hosts who came before her.

We have seen that Flocke appears to have John Locke’s memories and some of his characteristics as well, “”Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” Was a good example of a Locke-ism that carried over into the Flocke. And like a joined Symbiont, Ilana said that MIB is good and socked in John Locke’s body… trapped there. With a jointed Symbiont, the trill must die before it’s taken out… it can’t be transferred from one host to another all willy nilly. It’s dangerous to the mental and physical health of both the host and the Symbiont it will kill the host and endanger the Symbiont.

Of course, the Star Trek version of Candidacy is much more scientific and a process full of order and tradition while the Candidacy of Lost is well, really kind of inconsistent, intuitive and really kind of crazy. But could the two campaigns be so different? Or at least the results. What would this mean for Jacob’s end game?

Is that what this whole process has been? Jacob looking for a new host who could handle all of the memories and personality traits of all the other Jacobs that came before? By accepting the job of Jacob, would Sawyer become some funky Jacob/Sawyer hybrid? Does this position come with an unmentioned downside; the losing pieces of yourself and gaining those of another or even others? And perhaps this “home” that Flocke is talking about is a place of tepid water where he can shed his skins and float around, contemplating all of the dark shadows he picked up, moving from host to host? Yeah… I’m grasping… but it’s fun to grasp. Just wait until I start comparing Flocke to Tess Harding of the Teen Sci Fi Drama Rosewell. Yeah… I’m going there. Next week maybe.

One more question… sort of related… sort of not. “The Others:”  

OTHER whats?

Until Next Time: “That douche is my dad.”

My Craziest Lost Theories: Numbers, Chess, Ping Pong Tables & Baby Daddies.

17 02 2010

Okay…  so last night we found out what the lost numbers meant.  This has given me a few more directions to go in toward finally coming up with the wackiest theories I can that are in fact theories based on facts instead of just being wild speculation. Okay… so, maybe these are just wild speculation but they are based on some key items from last night’s episodes.

Okay. so, the numbers.  They are literally on the ceiling of a cave next to the names of six of the Lostaways… the one’s I’ve come to call the All Star Team. We’ve got #4 ~ Locke, #8 ~ Reyes, #15 ~ Ford, #16 ~ Jarrah, #23 ~ Shepperd and # 42 ~ Kwon. But wait… where is Kate?  She is a member of the All Star Team!  She got touched by Jacob when he visited her!  Where is her number? Hold on there self… that is exciting all all but I’ll just have to get to that a little later in the post.  

We found out via the FLocke that Jacob had “a thing” for numbers but most importantly we found that these numbers were used in his list of candidates for who would become protector of the island. This word “Candidate” got me thinking that I should do some googling.  I always come up with the craziest theories based on random googles… but I really like this one, however crazy it is.  

So… I typed in “The Candidate” and then looked at the disambiguation page.  Instantly my eyes went to the chess entry since I had already written a post called Picking Teams where I talked about the island being a giant chess board. On this page I found out that the semi-final tournament that precedes the Wrld Championship game of Chess is called the “Candidates Tournament.” And while that alone is somewhat interesting to me since it supports ever so slightly my opinion that the island is just a giant chess board, but I noticed that the number of participants is always between the numbers 8 and 15. TWO of the Lost numbers, specifically Hurley and Sawyer’s. 

While it would have been cool if Sawyer and Hurley had played a game of chess on the island instead of just ping pong, it is interesting (at least to me) to note that Locke did play a bunch of matches of chess against the computer program at the Flame Station in the episode Enter 77. Something I find doubly interesting is that he eventually beat the computer and now, Locke is dead, his image however lives on as MIB. 

In the same episode, the previously mentioned ping pong table got a bit of use. Hurley beat Sawyer three times and then Sawyer beat Jack. Does that mean Hurley will become King of the island?  Meh… that is a pretty sandy cliff to build a house of cards on… but I will say that the idea of having to play ping pong every 108 minutes or the world will end, as Sawyer joked to Jack is an interesting idea.  Maybe this game of Chess has to keep going?  Why? Because the world might end in Global Thermonuclear War just like in War Games? I don’t know.  I said these ideas were crazy. 

There was another thing from Enter 77 that to me seemed like a possible clue to the nature of my hyp0thysized “crazy island chess match.”  It occurs to me that when Desmond and and Locke had decided to let the station’s counter run down to zero to see if anything would happen but Desmond changed his mind because he thought it might kill everyone on the island… He found the island’s Failsafe Key hidden in his copy of Our Mutual Friend, behind the ping-pong table. Could it be possible that the entire island or perhaps the game of the island has a giant failsafe key?  And if so, is that failsafe key Desmond since he is the Constant and not a Candidate. Crazy, I know. 

From this, I wonder if perhaps the island, to get this game to stop repeating itself through time, must play itself and come up in a tie just like the checkers match in War Games?  Well… it’s a thought.  But how would the island play itself?  Perhaps if everyone ended up on the same side?  Most people are headed toward The Temple aren’t they.  But that’s just dumb… moving on.  But first… just check out the number of times that Chess has been played on the island: Lostpedia Game Page: Scroll down to Chess. 

The Triangle of Skack. Okay… so, one last thought on the numbers. As we saw above, Kate was the only member of the All Star Team that did not get a number.  I started thinking about why this could be.  Afterall, Jacob visited her and touched her but failed to give her a number. Did he bring her to the island to be part of the conflict between Sawyer and Jack?  I really hope not.  I’d hate to think that I endured the annoyance of Kate for that long just to have her be the third spoke of a love triangle. But what did she have in common with Jack and Sawyer?  

Then it came to me…  Daddy Issues!  Come on, she blew up her step dad and we never did find out who her father was.  That got me thinking about the rival archetypes on the island.  We have Jacob vs. MIB as our prototypes followed by Widmore and Ben followed by Jack and Sawyer. Let’s take a closer look at this Widmore/Ben feud shall we?  

Well, it’s pretty clear that Ben is on Team MIB so that would make Widmore part of Team Jacob.  We know that the two men have similar rules, can’t kill each other is the big one.  But then Ben had Widmore kicked off the island partly based on the fact that he had a baby with a woman off the island. This baby was Penny, Desmond’s true love. 

What I am proposing is that… what if Jacob did the same thing but no one had found out about it?  What if Jacob had met Kate’s mother during a scouting trip off the island during a time when Diane Austen’s husband was overseas in the military and had relations with her of the sexual nature?  And what if Kate was born 9 months later?  Perhaps what we saw when Jacob visited Kate was just a Dad checking up on his daughter.  When he says goodbye, he touches her nose so familiarly and warmly says to her, “Be Good, Katy” just like my parents have said to me a million times in my life. What if….Watch the interaction: 

If I recall correctly, I think it was Cabrera who came up with the idea that Jacob was actually Jack’s grandfather Ray Shephard and he was actually Jack’s father or some such notion I don’t remember… I couldn’t find the exactBefeloel the triangle...  post…  but sure… Jack could somehow be a child of Jacob in some kid of twisted time travely sort of way. I’m not explaining it right though… John did a convincing job if I could only find the thing.  So… I’ll just have to stick with my insane idea because it will give Kate more purpose in life than just being the Felicity to Sawyer’s Ben and Jack’s Noel. And man!  Did that Felicity have daddy problems… he didn’t want that girl with either Ben OR Noel…  oh crap… I’m off point. Sorry.

I know people will argue that we know that Sam Austen is not her real father because we found out that Wayne Jannsen, the man Kate believed was her step dad but found out was her biological father because Sam was out of the country when she was conceived…  but no one has ever actually SAID that.  Why wouldn’t her mother, who was so upset with Kate for killing Wayne have rubbed that in her face?  Something like… “Jesus Kate!  You killed your own father you stupid jerk!”  But no one has ever said it.  And that my friends, isthe perfect  opportunity for me to say… I think that Jacob could be her daddy. Go ahead… watch that video again and tell me it isn’t dripping with fatherly love. Do it!  I dare you!  My final thought on this…  If Diane Austen cheated on Sam, then why wouldn’t she have cheated on Wayne with Jacob? Once a cheater, I always say. 

Until Next Time, “That douche is my dad.”

Lost: The Fate of Sawyer in the Alternate Reality…

10 02 2010

Based on compelling evidence… I believe I know what the fate of Sawyer will be in the alternate timeline.

He permanently relocates in LA and becomes an uber successful eye wear model. And like Madonna and Cher, he uses just the one name: Sawyer.