Because Kate Became a Mother? Let’s talk stupid from “What They Died For.”

20 05 2010

Are you freakin’ kidding me Jake?  You crossed Kate’s name off the list because she became a Mother?  That has got to be the lamest bit of writing ever… 

I never thought we'd see such blatant workplace discrimination on the island.

I understand that yes, it needed to be shown that Jacob didn’t have a choice when he was made island protector.  His mother out and out said, “you don’t really have a choice…Please, take the cup and drink.” and that this was the reason for his interest in choice and free will…  

To quote WB Cartoon's Witch Hazel, "Come on Come on! Drink it Drink it!"


but come on. If becoming a mother was reason enough to have one’s candidacy cancelled, then why did he bring Claire Littleton to the island knowing full well she’d become a mother? 

Was Jake so poorly raised to not be able to realize that this woman is TOTALLY PREGNANT?


Sure,  you could say that it was Aaron who was the candidate but by just exposing a woman who was 9 months pregnant to the island, with it’s Others, Monsters and really bad fashion line, makes me think that explanation was lame. 

But wait…  could it be that Kate became a Foster Mom that made Jake hesitant to let her remain a candidate? Perhaps being the Foster Kid of an Island Protector colored his decision in the matter?  Maybe he thought that if his Foster Mom hadn’t been a Protector, she would have been a better mom?  The mistake in that line of thought is that Jake was assuming that Kate would give a crap about the island enough to want to be its protector and to put that above Claire’s kid like his Mother had.  

And Speaking of Jake's Mother... this woman should have been in Deliverance! Scary.

The difference between these two Foster Mothers however, is that Mother was the island protector before she became a Foster and Kate knew nothing about Candidacy, Island Protectors or any of this island crap.  The only thing that Kate knew is that she had to love Aaron until she could get back to the island and get that kid his mother back.  But I guess I need to remember, before making assumptions and judgments about Jake’s thought process is that his world view is quite limited and largely shaped by his Foster Mother who was quite, how shall I say, Off? 

Jacob chooses to widen his world view by reading Flannery O’Connor, an author who repeatedly depicts families that are dominated by the Mother who is eventually brought to a violent, often a sexually violent, end as punishment for a surviving despite a missing patriarch. These households often depict a rebellious but physically flawed daughter. Hmmmm… sounds a lot like a mix of both Jake and Kate’s experience.  Perhaps those two should seek some group counseling?

Wow…  I’ve wound myself to nowhere again with my argument haven’t I? I mean, how can I fault an island bumpkin for having flawed reasoning skills?  Just because he is super old doesn’t mean he can grasp the concept of healthy familial relationships when his own childhood experience blinds him from seeing anything beyond.  He’s made a career out of populating the island with the adults of broken families.  He knows little more.  Maybe instead of the Lighthouse he should have just gotten a television and watched a lot of Oprah and Brady Bunch?  

Perhaps if Jacob had seen Mrs. Brady in action as she mothered Greg, Peter and Bobby he would have had a better understanding of what a healthy maternal relationship looked like?


So, I guess in the end, I can forgive Jacob for his shortsightedness in uttering such a stupid excuse in his final Lost scenes…  but the question remains, can I forgive the writers?


Mother Was Also Smokey… I’m Going to Spell it Out For Everyone… With Pictures AND Video!

18 05 2010

So, there has been a lot of talk in the wake of the tsunami of information that “Across the Sea” brought us.  Mostly I’ve seen people arguing about whether or not the twins’ Foster Mother was both the island protector and the Smoke Monster.  It’s clear that she was the protector but the big debate is on the whole Smokey thing.  I just wanted to put some ideas out there that I haven’t seen covered yet.  

Firstly, this notion that adversaries of this theory have about how quickly it would take a woman of Mother’s stature to fill in that well are absurd.  I do my fair share of dirt shoveling…  I’m a gardener…  and to be able to fill in a well of that size  (even during my strongest period in physical life ~ and yup, I used to be brawny) would take me days. Also… it wasn’t just dirt… there were huge rocks all mixed in with the dirt.  You can also see there where one side of the well has been reduced to rubble, presumably explaining those large chunks of stone there in the dirt. There is no way she could have done that in less than 24 hours.

I don't know about you but I doubt I could have reduced half of that well to rubble and then filled it in.


And let’s not forget that she  also had to kill the villagers.  People say that she burned them and that is how she was able to kill everyone. I just looked at that scene again and those people were not burned… they were all just lying there dead, bludgeoned perhaps and only the huts were burned out. Okay, from what I could see there was actually one burned guy  who was probably the reason the MIB “she burned them…”  but they were clearly not burned.  A little smokey… but not burned.) See? 

I don't see any charred bodies. Okay, there is one in the next photo... but only one! And these huts were too small to chalk it up to smoke inhalation (unless they all took Ambien before bed.) .


And you can compare it to the Smokey attack on the Temple from the Sundown Episode: 

Dead bodies and some flames... VERY similar.


And this guy…  clearly he was the victim of a surprise attack…. see there?  He dropped his onion! 

Poor guy on the right was either surprised or was trying to escape with a prized onion! The unlucky fellow on the left there was clearly burned... but out of all the screencaps and rewatching the scene, he was the only burned guy I could see.


How could one woman have done all that in such a short time?

Some people like to point out that Smokey that fire has never been his M.O. but it was FLocke who tossed Jacob into the fire ring only after Ben killed him.  And of course, you see all the flames around the photo from Sundown as well. 

Now I’d like to look at a couple of interesting phrases that have come up in the show.  By doing this I hope to point the finger toward smokey origins.  

When Mother is passing on protectorship to Jacob she says, “It’s going to be you.”  This is exactly what Sayid, after his transformation into agent of Smokey, said to Jack just before he sacrificed himself to save his friends on the submarine.  

Mother told Claudia, “Just be grateful you are alive.”  When Ben stole Alex from Rousseau he told her, “Just be grateful you are alive.” Ben…  Ben who had been manipulated by FLocke to kill Jacob. Ben who had been put into the corrupted temple water as a boy making him, as Richard put it.. Never the same.  

And lastly there are these two video clips.  One is of Jacob using a spinning wheel, and we know that he learned to weave from Mother… 

The other is of the sounds of the Smoke Monster.  

I’ve posted both of these before in another post but they are particularly compelling if one is thinking about why the smoke monster would sound so much like the spinning wheel.  It didn’t make much sense when we thought that Jake was the only weaver in the family but now that we knew his mother taught him to weave (and apparently not BIB) then it would lead me to believe that the reason the smoke monster makes these sounds is because they were sounds also made by Mother’s human form.  

You might say that perhaps Mother just controlled the Smoke Monster because it obviously did what she wanted to do by killing the villagers… but then wouldn’t Jacob have had more control over MIB/Smokey?  It was when the two roles were split that the shit hit the fan and the source turned to ick.  And from the sounds of it…  Mother also knew what it was like to have gone down into the Playboy Grotto…  worse than death.  Could be something that was told to her…  but to me, I think it was experience. 

Interesting side note… why do you think Jake was so into choices and free will?  I suspect because of this exchange when Mother was passing the protector torch to him: 

MOTHER: It has to be you, Jacob.

JACOB: No, it doesn’t. You wanted it to be him…But now I’m all you have.

MOTHER: It was always supposed to be you, Jacob. I see that now. And one day, you’ll see it, too; but, until then…you don’t really have a choice…Please, take the cup and drink.

Okay…  until next time …   Here is a little Humble Pie for you… something all we Lost Theorists will all be eating come Sunday night at 11:30 PM.