Psychic Reading for our Lost Hero Jack before The End…

21 05 2010

I mean, come on…  Could there BE  anything crazier in a Crazy Lost Theory?  So… I consulted myself…  Oh yeah, you probably don’t realize that I’m a sensitive and as such, have a fair level of psychic ability.  So, I did as I do for friends and clients…  I tuned into Jack Shepherd and in turn that connected me into his fellow islanders and this is what happened…  

The following are notes I took during the reading:  


Very grounded

Sense of purpose

He can Feel the island

He loves Kate enough to let her go… The small ache remains. 

Christian may be used as a pawn against him…
We will see more of Christian.

The island feels like an extension of himself (Jack)…
It Seems to react to his moods… Feels like a well fitting coat he is putting on.

Is Jack more connected to the Island than ever? My spirit guides think so...

I’m asking the Question: Will Jack  succeed in stopping flocke?
I see Claire as an angel helping Jack.
And perhaps hindering him. 

Brown Claire is torn. Confusion and pain.
I ask Marlo (my spirit guide) to take a look at the island. 

She was apprehensive of this imaginary place.
She said… “Island Is darker side of people…” I’m wondering if she mean it was the darker side of the human imagination?

Red red red… three times.
Ben is acting on blood… With his lizard brain.

Ben is a storm…
Ben is a bullet hole.

Altiverse Ben is a whole…

Island whole Needs to be filled.

fill the whole fix the island.

I see adversaries falling… down a well…
Could it be whole problem be fixed with the hole filled with the protector and Flocke?
Might that save the island?

Notes I made after the reading:
I’ve never felt a person so connected to a place before… to nature.
Did Jack get a download or instant hookup to the island when Jake had him drink the magic water?
Feels like Jack knows that Kate thinks she belongs with Sawyer… He wants her to be happy.
It felt like Jack would be seeing Christian again.
Sort of like an angel and devil on his shoulder though… being used against him as well as helping him.
Perhaps Jack will become confused about his father? I don’t know.

It was funny doing this reading because There wasn’t much energy to feel… only very vivid images. Like reading ghosts rather than people. 

The whole/hole thing felt like it was an automatic reading response… I didn’t mean to type whole… it was supposed to be hole but I think that the wh gives it a bigger meaning.
I think it indicates bringing the two dualities together… Bringing the monster and the protector back into one whole being as opposed to having it be split into two.
Feels like bringing flocke and jack together as one…
or at least their mystical sides… together again they will restore the balance of the island.
The joining would be unwilling on both parts… I see it happening as an accident with the two fighting each other perhaps falling down a well… or into the sparkly playboy grotto place… and somehow Des is like a conductor between the two… reconnecting the two of them… stablizing… he’s like the electrical part of a machine connecting the two like a bridge.

(and then I started having psychic flashes again as I was writing…. )
I see Desmond standing there like a neutral ground…
but painted red and blue.
that is the image.
his arms are out like that daVinci drawing… the sketch?

Desmond the Vitruvian Man

one arm connected to locke the other to jack.
blue and red… like veins and arteries.
veins and arteries that connect the three together… and into the island as well. All connected. The whole.

man… being psychic is weird.


Damon & Carlton, I’m not stupid so stop talking down to me… Actually, just stop talking at all!

5 05 2010

Okay… so this blog is going to be light on the theories and heavy on the annoyed rants. And I’d like to preface what I’m about to write with:  I really did love last night’s episode.  I like what is happening on the show but I don’t like the why’s that Team Darlton are spewing.  But I digress… 

So, last night we got to experience the death of some beloved characters and my favorite Old Spice Commercial Star said his last one-liner. Some were redeemed, some were just killed (Chip Lowell* aka dude with Machine Gun who also knew a few things about science-y stuff.  I was sad when you died even if the rest of the audience didn’t give a crap! Long Live CHIP!)

They were all casualties of FLocke’s “Long con” and more-so, I like to think that they’d each fullfilled their destiny. You know, cause when the island is done with you… it’s DONE with you. But no. That is not why these characters died. Why did they die? Let Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse tell you… (from THIS interview)…
Cuse: “There is no ambiguity. He is evil and he has to be stopped.” … “There will be very little debate at the end of this episode that [Fake Locke] is evil and bad and has to be stopped. The main narrative reason for him killing our main characters is to establish how much of a bad guy he is and to clearly identify him as the antagonist rolling into the end of the series.”

Lindelof: “In many ways, the season was structured as a long con on behalf of the Man In Black. Once we revealed that Locke was the Monster, we knew the audience would immediately mistrust him, and we would have to spend at least a dozen episodes of Locke trying to convince the audience that he did not have malevolent intention, that all he wanted to do was get off The Island. But everything he was doing was leading up to one moment, which was [trying to] get the candidates in one fell swoop. He knew if he killed just one of them, everyone would know what he was up to.’”

OMGosh… where to even start.  First, I’d just like to say that ever since we met The Man in Black I have given him the benefit of the doubt, going so far to wonder if he and Jacob had some point switched bodies and that Jacob was trapped in the MIB via my Tezcatlipoca theory. So finding out what I think we all suspected, that MIB was in fact the smoke monster, did little to change our opinion of who or what he was at his core. And I don’t think that I’m in the minority when I say that possibly everything that came out of FLocke’s mouth this season was not to be believed. All of this makes me feel like Darlon thinks I’m an idiot who needs to be beat over the head with stuff so I’ll “get it.”  Oh well… What happened, happened…  right? 

And speaking about what happened, specifically on this blog and in the comments of other’s blogs, I know there are people who find me INSANE to think that the MIB is a character that I have felt sympathy for.  But hear me out; What is Lost but a show that introduced us to characters who have dozens of layers.  Complicated people who are neither good nor evil, who take the punches that life throws them and make their decisions the best that they can. For 5.75 seasons we’ve seen flashback after flashback then flashforward after flashforward then flashsideways after flashsideways about all the reasons that our Lostaways are the way they are.  The good or shitty things that shaped their world views and informed their actions. And then for Darlton to decide in what feels like the 11th hour that MIB is only one shade, one big bad evil mess of rancid smelling smoke?  Wow… what a let down.  I can only hope that in next week’s episode, “Across the Sea,” that we get to see the real stuff, the heartache and confusion that this man is made of and it isn’t one big love letter to Jacob and how MIB screwed him throughout their lives because he is a bad bad man. Pffffft. 

Then there was this comment about Sayid: 

Lindelof explains: “Sayid’s entire season-long arc has basically been, if you tell him that he is evil, you can convince him he is evil. But if you tell him he is good, maybe you can convince him he is good. We basically decided that in a moment of pure instinct, if he did something, if he sacrificed his own life in favor of saving the other people’s lives, that would convey to the audience, ‘This guy was actually a good guy.’”

Dude… do you even watch your own show?  From the beginning of the series Sayid has known two things about himself; that he had done horrible, reprehensible things AND that he was good a good man at heart. Here was a man who had often been forced into making impossible choices and carry out heinous acts, usually in order to save someone or spare someone from pain. Remember Sayid as an adorable child in Tikrit when he stepped up a killed a chicken for his older brother who couldn’t do it himself when asked by his father?

This kid doesn't hate chickens!


You may want to call him a chicken hating killer but IMO he was trying to save his brother from humiliation at the hands of their father, who found out anyway that Sayid had done the killing.  Then, in adulthood, he only became a torturer after seeing a video of his home villiage attacked with nerve gas.  Not sure of his motivations after that during the remainder of his stint in the Iraqi Republic Guard but men are asked to do the unimaginable during war.  It does not mean they are evil.  They are serving their country and even though I am a peace loving hippie, I believe that he did his duty.  And then we saw that from the time he ran into Nadia he struggled to get on a better path. 

Throughout the show, the writers were constantly throwing Sayid into situations where he had these really heavy moral decisions to make.  Out of every person on the island, I believe his path was the hardest and it is so unfair that in the final season they turn him into a zombie, a pawn of evil (whose light we could still see occasionally glint from his dark vacant gaze) and then verbally dismiss him after the fact as a person who is either good or bad based on what he is told he is.  I call bullshit.  I say that despite the writers intentions about Sayid’s heroic actions last night, Sayid was doing what Sayid had always done… put everyone else’s needs ahead of his and taking one for the team because at heart… Sayid is and always was, a good man. period. 

So far as Sun and Jin…  I don’t understand why people are so shocked that they didn’t discuss their kid when facing certain death. It’s been well established that Sun is selfish and that they always put each other over every one else. I mean, she left her kid with her mother to go back to death island! Come on people!  Get with the program. I do think it was a very sweet ending for them.  The island was done with them… they had served their purpose… that is what I am telling myself and not all this hoo haw about them dying to prove that FLocke is evil.  Yeah… we know… he’s EVIL.  Whatever.  Daniel Dae Kim has never looked so sexy so it was a nice teary thumbs up for me.  

But back to Darlton… I understand the necessity of killing off beloved characters, of turning people evil, etc…  but I would appreciate it if the reasons you were doing so was because that is what the story dictated for the sake of the story and NOT the audience.  So we’ve been chatting, tweeting, blogging, commenting, watercoolering, texting and Lostpediaing our opinions about the MIB… so what?  You don’t see JK Rowling making decisions based on what she feels her readers aren’t following or understanding in the story.  She makes her decisions based on what her heart and mind tell her about her story and characters. Take a lesson from her… stop reading the message boards and rewatch your own show to remember what this show is; a story about people, their complexities, the moral dilemma’s that they face and how people can rise through adversity and surprise us or sink and disappoint us. (I realize this plea is too late but I just needed to say it…  if only I’d seen all this Season 6 silliness coming.) 

But again, I digress…  Yes Darlton, it was you who set us up from the beginning to believe it was a story about good vs. evil via John Locke’s Backgammon speech but then it was you again who proved over and over again that the show was so much more than that…  Lost became a painter’s palate of various shades of grey that bled and transformed into every other color imaginable.  Nothing was black and white…  and now, here we are, you want us to believe that MIB is Lord Voldemort and that is that.  Again… Pffffft!  Again, you may be able to redeem yourselves with “Across The Sea” so there is hope…  but at this point it is a dim gray, barely visible slice hope for me. 

Devil in a Black Dress...


So now, please remember, it wasn’t the episode I didn’t like, it was the asinine comments made by the show runners that made my blood start to percolate.  It was a great hour full of amazing moments. The Kwons death, Hurley bursting into tears, Lapidus kicking down a bear cage gate, Kate getting shot (what?)…  but the Altiverse story did however leave me flat.  Things had been cookin’ over there for a while and now it’s all slow moving and WTF?  Jack is mucking around at a dentist’s office?  Bernard is acting like the dude with the bird hat in Labyrinth, finding out Locke TBI’d his beloved father in a plane crash and was letting guilt keep him in his chair?  Jack being hyper fix it guy… again? I need to rethink all my Altiverse theories over the next couple weeks.  

Oh… this is driving me crazy!  I have a few more shots to fire at Darlton but I cannot remember them! I guess I’ll just finish with a few pleas: 

Please don’t have stripped Kate from Candidate status in order to keep her around as Daphne for Fred the Final Candidate who may just turn out to be Jack. I’m hoping that Claire kills her but if she gets stayed alive for Jack I’ll stab myself in the eyes with a rusty old spoon. 

Please explain why Jacob is such a prick next week. Tell where and why he got the god complex. 

Please  don’t make the final candidate one of the children.  Pretty Please with sugar on it?  

"Flower of Wisdom" the Once and Future Queen of Doom Island? NOOOOO!


Otherwise, I’m ready to buckle up and get ready for the ride where I’m anticipating a blood bath where everybody dies. And what is more fun than that?  Next Monday Watch this space! I’ll be unveiling my Q and A with Dr. Francesca Tronchin, professor of Archaeology. I approached her about an interview when I first found out about a Jacob/MIB-centric episode and lucky me, she accepted.  Now, I think you all should do a little homework this week as we approach this “Across the Sea” episode.  The keyword is: Alexandria. 

Until next time: I’ve seen Xanadu about three times…  and I STILL have no idea what it’s about.

* If you don’t know who Chip Lowell is…  look him up for goodness sake!  This is TV 101!

Pre-Endgame Musings: Lost as Fantasy Island meets The Dark Crystal.

20 04 2010

What might happen tonight in Jack’s episode “The Last Recruit?” Who knows after all the twists and turns of last week’s episode? But, after last week, I had a few ideas about what is going on with these deja vu moments that are actually akin to the result of the brown acid that Pigpen warned everyone about at Woodstock. Have I lost you yet?

So, my friend Jordon and I were talking about why Des would run over Locke… I did consider that maybe Des remember that FLocke had tried to kill him by tossing him down a well, (How very Alice in Wonderland of you FLock!) but I was more inclined to believe that he thought Locke needed to have a near-death experience so he’d have that acid trip-like, Islandverse bleed-through moment. But why are the causes of the bleed-throughs so different? And what it is that will make Locke bleed-through?

Love seemed to be the common denominator for everyone else so far. It seemed to be what the Lostaways were missing in their comfy but empty Altiverse lives. That big, romantic love thing. But what of Locke? He has a good job and is getting hitched. What will bring his bleed through?

Then I remembered what I’ve been saying about Locke since The Substitute: how can he be happy giving up what he wanted most? And now with Locke heading to the hospital, probably where Jack works, it appears he may get his legs back if Jack (or someone) can fix him. This leads me to believe that it isn’t just LOVE that causes bleed-throughs but remembering whatever they got on the island that they were missing in their lives before they crashed. But what would that be for each of the Candidates?
Jack ~ stepping aside and giving up control.
Sawyer ~ (Not Juliet) but finding Anthony Cooper (Locke’s dad, who may just show up at the hospital!)
Kate ~ ??? Helping Claire? Aaron? Who knows.
Locke ~ His legs back.
Hurley ~ A woman to SEE him romantically.
The Kwans ~ Freedom from Sun’s Dad.
Sayid ~ To be the good man he knows he can be once and for all time.

It could also just be the biggest, most life changing moments for the Losties or perhaps something that caused them to experience a lot of adrenaline, like say, a fight of flight moment. I am sort of refusing to believe that it’s going to be love for all of them. I saw a clip from The Recruit where Sun remembers Locke. Perhaps she is remembering the fact that FLocke currently has the name she loves and is keeping them apart? Perhaps that is what will trigger to to remember life on the island as well and not just Locke the man?

Fantasy Island? Jacob = Mr. Roarke?

Wait a second! Jake didn't give the survivors of Oceanic 815 a welcome like this. What a tightwad!

I also wanted to put this out there… just in a general sense… that each of the Lostaways got what they wanted after coming to the island. And just like on Fantasy island, the things they wanted didn’t turn out like they wanted. For some these were old wishes, from childhood… but for some it seemed to be their last intention when they got on the plane that they were gifted.
Jack: To not always be the one who was to blame (childhood)
Kate: To help her mother. (and validation that what she did was right.)
Hurley: To be seen by a Woman or anyone really (childhood)
Sawyer: Revenge against Anthony Cooper (childhood)
Locke: To Walk… to be vital again.
Sayid: To be a good man
Jin: Sun
Sun: To leave Jin (and be free of her father)
Claire: To give up her baby.
Charlie: To be profoundly important. Not just vapidly popular.
Michael: Wanted to be close to his son.

But look what happened for some of them… Sun ended up being separated from Jin for 3+ years and is now working her way back to him. Kate tried to help another mother on the island and again is being punished for it. Claire wanted to give her baby up for adoption when she got on the plane, when she disappeared Kate took it and now she is mad. Hurley was SEEN by Libby and is now stepping up to be seen by everyone. It is hard for him but good. Sawyer was able to kill Cooper on the island but he found out that it was a very unsettling, upsetting experience.

From looking at these examples I have concluded that the big tests for THE CANDIDATES is being given what they wanted and how they deal with the consequences of the experience. So far, Hurley and Jack are doing pretty good… settling into their new roles and are pretty well adjusted thus far. Claire, well… she’s a mess, Kate? Also a mess. Sawyer did pretty well… he processed the experience and went on to fall in love now that he was no longer blinded by the sole purpose of killing the man who ruined his life.

Lastly… I really enjoy the theory of my friend Jordon… who thinks that ultimately, the two timelines are going to collide by some sort of semi-cataclysmic event and that will result in the two timelines spawning a third. I like to look at it as the way the the Mythics and the Skeksis came together to form whole beings in the movie The Dark Crystal. The Dark island Lostaways melding into the Light Altiverse LAaways and forming beings, if not already, close to enlightened. Wouldn’t THAT be grand. That way we wouldn’t have to let go of all that was learned by the Lostaways on the island and we’d still get some of the better adjusted attributes from the Altiverse timeline.

When single shines the triple sun,
What was sundered and undone
Shall be whole, the two made one,
By Gelfling hand, or else by none.

So, I guess that would make Des the Gelfling? 

Looking SO forward to tonight I can’t STAND IT!!!

Dr. Linus Questions or So Many Pop-Culture References, You’re Head Will Spin!

12 03 2010

So… it’s been a few days since a few questions were answered in last week’s Dr. Linus and ever since, I’ve been pondering several new questions that sprung from the episode.  I was going to keep them to myself but I noticed that every time I started to ponder them, this song popped into my head:

and fearing the fate of that song getting permanently stuck in there, I thought I ought to post my questions and pondering here…  I mean, that’s what this blog is for right? 

A few random thoughts before I get to it though…  

First, I’d like to congratulate Arzt for being the first ever character on lost to question a scheme before participating in it when he forced Alt Ben to tell him the reason he was being asked to hack into the school’s email server. Before this notable occurance, we endured 5.27 seasons of characters being like, “You want me to risk my life by crawling into that airplane hanging there on the ledge?  A’right!” R.I.P. Boone.   

But wait! OMGosh…  My coffee tastes so good this morning!  You know those days when you wake up… take your first sip of coffee and it is just exceptional even though you did nothing different to it since the day before?  Well, it’s one of those days.  As AC would say…  “Damn Fine Coffee. And Hot!”

Even if you don't remember... Twin Peaks references never get old to me.


The gift you give once... then you kill yourself AND your sisters. Okay so… Lost.  We found out some cool shit on Tuesday.  We learned that when Jacob touches you he gives you a gift…  which actually brought to mind the notion as a girl’s virginity being a gift.  But then again, that gift can only be given once and Jacob has been gifting all over the place. But why was Richard suddenly suicidal after being gifted? Could it have been a nod to the stunning Sophia Coppola film The Virgin Suicides?  Hmmmm. 

But what was the gift Jake gave to Richard that gave him the melancholia of a pubescent teen?  Maybe he was gifted stunning good looks that would last until someone killed him? Wow, that’s really not a great gift at all. Was it the inability to kill himself to avoid a Virgin Suicides scenario?  Wait!  What kind of gift is that coming from a guy who is all “Free Will!  Free Will!”  We do know Jake didn’t give him immortality because Richie thinks that if Alice wannabe, Jack lights the dynamite he’ll die.  Hmmm…  Quite the conundrum.   

Richard, sweetie, don't fret. Sure, Jake is dead but hey, now you can find a honey and settle down, pop out a kid our two or hey, read a good book.


Do you see what I’m saying though?  Just more questions… again.  But actor Nestor Carbonell (Richard) assured fans recently that we’d find out all sorts of details about Richard and the Black Rock in the Ab Aeterno episode coming up in two weeks. 

One thing I do feel pretty secure about is that we finally know what the deal is with Miles’ psychic abilities. It had been bandied about on the interwebs that he was actually hearing messages or perhaps just snippets of conversation from Alt World… but if that were the case how would he know that Nikki and Paolo were buried on the island with diamonds worth millions?  Whew…  finally, a question answered. But that leads us back to what was Juliet talking about when Miles heard what she thought just before she died…  “It worked.” Wait… what worked?  Huh? That message really doesn’t make much sense to me now that we know that Miles can hear what a person was thinking before they died.  I had assumed that post death, Juliet could see something larger and was able to sort of, omnipotently say…  “hey man…  from this crazy dead plane of existence  I can see everything and as Beth said to William Miller before she and two other girls  deflowered him, ‘I’ve seen the future, and this all works out reasonably well.'”  Wow, I really hate it when I’m writing about getting my questions being answered it brings up other questions.  Grrrr..  

Okay… so onto my ‘question’ questions:

Widmore?  Really?  Is HE the guy Jake was talking about when he said, “They’re coming?” Is HE the one who Jake was talking about when he instructed Hurley to take Jack to the lighthouse?  Is HE #108 making his real name “Wallace?”  (and I’d just like to note… I don’t think that Jake was trying to get Jack to smash the lighthouse looking glass to keep him  from the island…  if Widmore is the one he’s talking about who’s coming, we know ol’ Widdy knows how to get to the island without Jake’s freaky, magical, metaphoric lighthouse.)

But I digress… back to the questions…  

Let’s talk about Widmore for a second.  No, rather Bram talking about Widmore.  

Bram works for Jake all right... notice how he pulls up to Miles in the creepy, black abductor van.


In the Season 5 episode, Some like it Hoth Bram was trying to talk Miles out of working for Widmore and going to the island.   His final shot was: 

BRAM: You’re playing for the wrong team!

MILES: Yeah? What team are you on?

BRAM: The one that’s gonna win.

And from events occurring in Season 6, we know that the Team Captain for Bram’s ‘winning side’ was Jake.  So, Bram was trying to keep Widmore from sending a psychic to the island why?  I figured it was because Miles would be working for Widmore and therefore, Widmore must be on Team Smokey.  BUT… if Jake’s “They’re coming” had to do with Widmore and an unidentified periscope scoper on a tiny sub, then wouldn’t that indicate that Widmore is on Team Jake as well?  I mean, he seems pretty stoked that they’re about to have some more guests on Beelzebub Island and Widmore seems to be the only one who is on his way. 

But again… if Widdy is the one that Jake is all giddy about coming to the island… which probably makes him a good guy.  And if Bram wasn’t trying to stop the entire ship’s crew from going (that we know of…) only Miles.  Then why didn’t Jacob want a psychic on the Island? Oi. We need a Miles-centric episode STAT! 

Okay… stepping back.  Taking a breath. Coming at it from a different angle.  Ilana.  Bram is one of Ilana’s men who seem to act as Jacob’s bodyguards on island and disciple/cheerleader off. And Jake’s ‘nemesis’ FLocke’s smoke incarnation took great glee in impaling Bram on a chunk of pointy wood slayer style… This clearly indicates Bram is on on Team Jake, right?  Okay, I’ll buy that.  

But wait a gosh darn second…  why was Jake warning his enemy FLocke of someone coming?  ARe they really Frenemies?  

As you can see… my head is all muddled up.  We have various people running around the island saying that someone is coming… or they’re coming… or he’s coming or whatever.  What if there is someone else other than Jake and FLocke?  

The way I see it… we’ve got the Bears, coached by FLocke doing a convincing Buttermaker.  We’ve got the The Yankee’s coached by Jake doing his best competitive Roy Turner.  They’ve been battling in the island league for sometime now and it looks as if we’re coming down to the championship game… but what if there is someone else… someone higher up?  Like, say Cleveland, the female head of the league who gave us the infamous line, “Goddamn class action suits are gonna be the ruin of this country…” Maybe she is coming and she is the boss of them all?  And she never did want the Bears let into the league and most certainly wouldn’t have wanted them to go to Japan in the sequel that is mysteriously Buttermaker free…  maybe she is coming to the island in a time loop to make sure that they don’t make it into the league in effect making their trip to Japan impossible, class action suits be damned!  

Forever confusing you: Buttermaker and Amanda Whurlitzer doing one hell of a FLocke/Claire impression.


Could Cleveland really be Eloise Hawking?  Is she Island League Manager?  Or someone else… a new person?  

Wow… I’ve had waaaay too much coffee!  Raise your hand if you are confused by the successive and seemingly unrelated pop culture references I’ve made in this post.  Didn’t think I could stick so many in a single post didja? 

Kelly Leak off the feild and on, is not unlike Sawyer in his badassedness.


The real question though… The one we’ve all been wondering about for the last 32 years… (interestingly a number that shows up only in the lighthouse connected to the name Rutherford who not only belongs to Lostaway Shannon but also to blonde actress Kelly Rutherford who plays a very rich, powerful society woman in Gossip Girl… ) Holy crud!  I did it again!  Sorry… back to the real question: 

Whatever happened to Jackie Earle Haley actor who played Kelly Leak?(Note… another Kelly!)   Interestingly, he’s had a pretty diverse career acting in titles such as, Nemesis, Prophet of Evil and most recently Nightmare on Elm Street where he’ll be playing Freddie Kruger. 

Until Next Time: “That douche is my dad.”

Lost Trek: Nothing Beats the Taste Sensation When Star Trek Collides With Lost.

6 03 2010

So, how did I get from Lost to Star Trek for this particular post?  Well, it had to be Next Generation’s “Skin of Evil,” an episode I started thinking about when Lost fans started talking crap about Jacob after the Lighthouse episode.  I’ve always talked crap about him. I thought he was a manipulative jerk but suddenly people started wondering whether he was the good guy everyone thought he was or something else?  

While refreshing my memory of Skin of Evil by looking at the final draft of the script I saw Picard’s line in a final conversation with the adversarial alien Armus. He said, “Nothing in the universe is the same as anything else.  But everything has light and dark.” Though the line didn’t make it into the final cut of the episode it did make me think of this: 

The iconic shot of Locke that started the debate: Dark vs Light or Good vs Evil. Though lately this debate has morphed into something else entirely as people realize Jacob isn't so much good as he is kind of an prick.


This lead me to start looking at how Star Trek might have influenced Lost and not surprisingly I’ve found quite a few similarities.  Sure, some were   obviously  unintentional but others made me wonder… And  I’m getting to the point though where I’m about to just say it…  Lost, is basically Star Trek on an island.  There.  I did it… I put it out there.  But am I so far off? Am I hopelessly lost in the Delta Quadrant drifting around with my Warp Core leaking radiation or have I just stumbled upon the wormhole home? Oh wow…  I didn’t think I was nerdy enough to ever write that last line but sheesh, there it is. Okay then…  moving on.   

Please enjoy this list I’ve put together.  This is only part 1 of a 2 or perhaps 3 maybe even 4 part blog.  Oh… and if I’ve messed up any of my Star Trek mythology or technology, I apologize…  It’s been years since I’ve watched anything from the franchise. Despite all those Trek conventions I attended in the 90’s, I’m a little rusty. 

Now then…  Shall we begin? 



Every Science Fiction show needs a mysterious and dangerous  environment to throw its cast into and on Lost, it was the island. Wait, what?  Is that you thinking, “Hey, wait a minute!  Lost’s creators insisted that this show was not SciFi!”  Yeah, right people…  if all along this show has been anything other than SciFi, then I’m really JJ Abrams writing this blog just to talk shit about my underlings, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.  But I digress… The island is the hangout of seemingly omnipotent beings from which they spy on humans and where they bring them to make them dance for their supper. 

The undressed Lost set in Oahu. Looks a little familiar... cut down those trees and add a few dozen tumbleweeds and it could pass for part of the Q Continuum.**


On Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space 9 and Voyager there was the Q Continuum. Explained as an extra-dimensional plane of existence the Continuum is parallel to countless other dimensions.  From there, a race of aliens know simply as Q observe other races and in particular tune into the human race as if they were watching a soap opera.  These Q are omnipotent beings who occasionally bring unsuspecting humans to the Continuum and make them dance for their supper. 

Here we see a part of the Q Continuum... shown here in the only way humans can comprehend it: as a country gas station.



These are the guys mentioned above and for the purposes here I’ll focus on just the two big kahunas. Jacob and Q. In either case, their intentions never seem to be they’re entirely good but they seem to want humans to succeed… It’s just that most of the time, they just have a really crappy way of showing it. 

Lost’s Jacob can manipulate people, time and space. He’s got a magic mirror, a trans-dimensional light house beacon and a temple with healing waters. He can also catch fish with those cool basket traps thingys. If he put up a personal ad it would probably read something like, “SWM into Weaving, Egyptian Archaeology and Chess ISO: SMD, AB, B/D, BDSM,BHMBi CF, FA, IRS, FSHLSLDR oh screw it!  ISO: anyone interested in being stalked, shot at, tied up, manipulated and possibly killed. If you’re interested in personal growth with a hint of cult-like devout-hood, I’m the one you seek. To respond to this Ad check yourself onto Flight 237 on Air Tahiti Nui on May 13, 2011.” 

Jake even looks smug when he's handing candy to Jack.

Jake even looks like a smug ass when handing out candy in the hospital.


While Star Trek’s Q is immortal, omniscient and omnipotent. He can teleport, travel through time and instantaneous transform matter-energy. He’s been known to move entire asteroid belts and stars, create alternate timelines and affect universal states of nature like the gravitational constant. I don’t think he knows how to fish with a basket though. Well, he might know how but I doubt he’d be able to it in practice. If he put up a personal ad it would probably read, “Q  ISO… does it really matter?  If I’m interested in you I’ll just pop in and bend your will to mine anyway. Only respond to this ad if you have been intimate with Jean Luc Picard.” 

The original pompous time bending jerk, Q, accentuates his smug look with a flying, gold encrusted throne as he points fingers at lowly humans.



Jacob and his ol’ buddy The Man in Black (MIB) have an seemingly endless sissy fight about the human race.  Can people change?  Are they stuck being brutal savages? Jacob thinks they will figure out ways to make good decisions but MIB thinks the continually make the same mistakes and never learn anything. 

MAN IN BLACK: I don’t have to ask. You brought them here. Still trying to prove me wrong, aren’t you?            JACOB: You are wrong.     

MAN IN BLACK: Am I? They come. They fight. They destroy. They corrupt. It always ends the same.

JACOB: It only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress.

Though, originally it was Q who thought that humankind had never learned from their mistakes and were still an immature life form in need of extermination. Picard on the other hand thought that humans had made, “rapid progress.” 

Q: But you can’t deny Captain, that you’re still a dangerous, savage child race.            PICARD: Most certainly I deny it.      


Everytime there is some kind of jump in time or the island moves, there is a blinding flash: 

Blinding Flash was seen by the Oceanic 6 when, under orders from Jacob, Ben moved the island.


Bright flashes of light occur anytime Q appears or disappears.  

This blinding flash occurred on the Starship Enterprise when Q decided he needed a wardrobe change. A little dramatic just to change clothes? Yes, but that is Q.



On Lost The DHARMA Initiative referred to the “natives” on the island (that we had come to know as The Others) as The Hostiles.

Kate is captured by a Hostile in a fake beard. He is seen here taking his hostility out on her (Is he mad that she is in his territory or over the shoddy manufacture of that beard?)


On Star Trek: TNG the Starship Enterprise was being pursued by what the crew called: The Hostile, who is actually Q.  

Worf and Data monitor the progress of the Hostile.



On the island the group of ‘hostile’ natives mentioned above is also known as “The Others.” Danielle Rousseau, a booby trap loving woman with a thick French accent* is first to mention them. 

DANIELLE: We were coming back from the Black Rock. It was them. They were the carriers.           SAYID: Who were the carriers?     

DANIELLE: The others.


Meanwhile, when her shuttlecraft crashes on the a remote planet called Vagra II, Troi is held captive by an alien entity called Armus. She uses her crazy empathic abilities to read Armus and utters the term “others” when referring to the people who had left him on the planet all alone.  

TROI: You were really surprised they came back.           ARMUS: Yes.     

TROI: Why? Because the others did not?

ARMUS: What others?

TROI: You can’t hide the emptiness from me. The others. The ones who hurt you.



It’s never a great idea to sign up for a security job when you live in an unforgiving enviorment full of danger.  But these folks did and they paid dearly. 

On the island, the DHARMA Initiative left their security up to Paul who was killed by a few hostiles while he was trying to picnic outside of the DHARMA sonic security fence. 

In the episode "La Fleur" Paul, DHARMA's Security Chief lies dead on the slab.


On Star Trek: TNG Tarsha Yar’S impatience with a really grumpy alien entity named Armus lead to her demise. 

Tasha Yar, Chief of Security on the Enterprise is killed on an away mission and lies dead in sickbay.



Speaking of Grumpy monsters… On the island there is a big old pillar of smoke that rushes around the island killing people. We don’t know much about him other than he can take human form, alleges that he was once an ordinary man and in his own words from LA X part 2: “I want the one thing that John Locke didn’t. I want to go home.” Most recently in the episode titled: Sundown, the smoke monster is referred to as, “evil incarnate.” 

SAWYER: What are you?           LOCKE: What I am is trapped. And I’ve been trapped for so long that I don’t even remember what it feels like to be free. Maybe you can understand that. But before I was trapped, I was a man, James. Just like you.     

On Star Trek: TNG Deanna Troi is held captive by a black sludge monster in the “Skin of Evil” episode.  We don’t know much about him other than he can take humanoid-ish form & enjoys being cruel. Troi, using her empathic ability deducts that he’d like to be reunited with the people who had discarded and abandoned him. 

ARMUS: I am alone.  Abandoned.            TROI: Who deserted you?     

ARMUS: Creatures whose beauty now dazzles all who see them.  They would not exist without me.

TROI: You were together?

ARUMS: They perfected a means of bringing to the surface all that was evil and negative within. Erupting, spreading, connecting…In time, it formed a second skin, dank and vile.

TROI: You.

TROI: They discarded you and left.

Later, while talking to Picard, Armus calls himself the Skin of Evil and states that the former inhabitants of Vagra II were a race of titans who thought that if they rid themselves of him (the evil skin) they would be free from the bonds of destructiveness. (And in my words now) they shed themselves of this negative skin and left, leaving Armus a slimy glob of despair, evil and all things cruel and lonely. Picard also says that true evil would be to  submit to Armus. To surrender their freedom and dignity instead of defying him. But that, to me, sounds as if he is describing how the Others have let Jacob control their lives.  Hmmmm…  


So, I’m just gonna throw out the idea here about how Lost’s Smoke monster came to be? And it has to do with “the sickness” Think about it for a second. Remember what Danielle said about The Others?  “We were coming back from the Black Rock. It was them. They were the carriers.”  This is going to sound CRAZYTOWN but bear with me… this is a fun one.  When we saw the Man in Black before the Black Rock got there, he was chillin’ all human style with Jacob on the beach.  They had their argument that seemed to be a rehashing of a long-going disagreement. But MIB seemed pretty cool and level headed about it.  What if, when the Black Rock got there they weren’t carrying a sickness but just a lot of anger and darkness?  And what if by landing on Jacob’s healing island they managed to shed that dark, angry skin and it somehow glommed itself onto the nearest negative nelly, the MIB, turning him into some sort of negative, killing smoke machine? So now, this “sickness” as they say could be just negativity, hate, anger, despair, etc that is shed by people when they are healing on the island and it is just flying around with nowhere to go until it finds an despairing person who is the perfect ready vessel or empty sad sack available to be filled up with cloud of evil. Taking it one step further, what if the healing waters of the temple had healed one too many people and the scales were suddenly tipped?  So you have all of that negative energy  the water had washed away now floating around in that murky spring ready to enter an empty vessel, say a dying/dead person? What?  This blog isn’t called “My Crazy Lost Theory” for nothing.  Okay… moving on.


Both Monsters are impervious to weapons.  It’s almost as if using a firearm against them makes them stronger: 

Just after FLocke deflects a bullet shot by one of Ilana's men, he transforms into his smoke form and kills four men as if it were child's play.


RIKER: The creature attacked us. Lt. Yar is down.            DATA: It seems to feed on our phasers.     

RIKER: We had no effect on it.


Not only were Lost’s Shannon and Star Trek TNG’s Tasha the first female regular cast members to die on their series, they are also have multiple deaths on their respective shows. 

On Lost, Boone has a drug induced dream that his sister Shannon dies at the hands, er, sooty grips of the smoke monster.  

Boone cradles the body of his sister during his dream of her demise.


When Boone dies, Shannon falls in crazy love with Sayid.  Then she actually dies when Ana Lucia accidentally shoots her. 

Sayid is the one to cradle Shannon after her real death. I'll just say that it was much more sad and way less ooky watching Sayid mourn her death than Boone.


Star Trek’s Tasha was not just the first female regular, she was the first regular to die of the entire franchise: 

A just about dead Tasha after getting a little zap from Armus.


She died shortly after this screen cap. There was a big memorial service on the Enterprise and everyone was very sad…  but she did come back and die two more times during the TNG series:    

Briefly, the Enterprise  encounters a rift in space-time while on a routine mission. They encounter another ship and Tasha falls in crazy love with the ship’s captain. Later  Guinan advises her to request a transfer to the this other ship because she’s from an alternate timeline (as is the ship).  She transfers and later in the series we find out that she died trying to escape from the Romulans. 

Guinan telling Tasha to go back to her alternate timeline.


And even more briefly, in the series finale “All Good Things.” Tasha also dies in a spatial anomaly.

Jeeze Hollywood… Do blondes really have to die (repeatedly) so often?  

So, there you have it.  10 things Lost has in common with Star Trek.  I’m currently working on compiling lists based on Character similarities, Time Travel scenarios and Literary and Pop Culture references.  Yeah, I know what you’re thinking and yes… I’m just that geeky.  Until then though…  just one more thought…. 


The two women who first said the word “others” have a little something in common regarding their speechin’ skills.  On Lost the older Rousseau as played by Croatian actress Mira Furlan and noticeably (to some) speaks with a strange French accent, those who understand french have noted that her pronunciation of certain French words is poor.

While on Star Trek: TNG Counselor Deanna Troi is played by Marina Sirtis, who was born in England to Greek parents.  Her accent has been the topic of debate among Trekkies who note that her Betazoid mother  Lwaxana Troi  had no accent and Deanna herself had little contact with her human father, deceased Starfleet officer Lt. Ian Andrew Troi, and very little exposure to planet Earth culture. So, where did she get that accent? 


The first person to find something notable about Jacob’s personal ad will get to option of writing a guest blog about your lost theory or win an authentic autographed photo of Q.  Please leave your guess in the comments.

HINT: There are two possible answers both Lost related, and both obscure.  

**Photo Credit, Oahu Lost Set shot:

Until Next Time:  “That douche is my dad”

Let’s Talk About Candidates, Shall We?

3 03 2010

So… this whole candidates thing has been bugging me since FLocke told Sawyer, “He thought he was the protector of this place. And you, James, have been nominated to take that job.” and went on to say, “It means you have three choices. First, you can do nothing and see how all this plays out. And possibly, your name will get crossed out. Second option. You can accept the job. Become the new Jacob. And protect the island.” 

Flocke Explains it All...


So, from that I believe many concluded that there is only one protector of the island at any given time.  This has given rise to many a mental image of Jack and Sawyer, the Island Protector and his Nemesis (not  respectively I might add) in the last scene of the series sitting on a beach together contemplating the next ship on the horizon. But could that actually be the case?  I mean, think about it… what has Jacob been doing to “protect” the island?  

Jacob has been stalking people all over the world, weaving tapestries, fishing, visiting people off island and manipulating them at often their most desperate moments in life all for the sake of getting them to the island to do what?  Observe what they do in heightened state of survival and then decide who gets to be the protector? That doesn’t sound like he is doing much to protect the island.  I mean, on his watch, what has happened?  Smokey found the loophole and killed him. Was he even watching the island at all…  or just picking people to do so? 

What do we think we know about the list of names? Well, we saw that 6 of our Lostaways are listed on the wall in the cave and have not been crossed out. (There are also some of the same names in the lighthouse including the addition of AUSTEN for Kate.)

We saw FLocke cross out the name  Locke, who is now dead and having his body being used as a meat puppet by Smokey.  So, by this we assumed that Locke was being crossed out either because he was dead or because he was being used by Smokey. And somehow from their we assumed that anyone who was on the wall and had their names crossed out were either dead or not worthy of being a candidate.  But wait a minute.  How did we get there from that?  Let’s take a look at that list shall we and as we do so, let’s look at who is still alive and just what they are doing on (and in a couple cases off) island. 

On the wall (and not crossed out) we have REYES, FORD, JARRAH, SHEPHARD and KWON. We know that each of these people are alive and previous the “Substitute” episode none of them had ever heard the word “Candidate.”  And what have they been doing on the island over the last 5 plus seasons?  They’ve been trying to survive in a harsh and hostile environment, trying to protect each other in some cases and trying to figure out what the hell was going on.  

Also on the wall are a ton of names that have been crossed out and many of them we know to be dead but some could actually refer to the countless others who are never called by name in the show.  I guess we would call them ‘Extra Others.’  Think about it… for all the work that Jacob (or Jerkob as I like to think of him) did to draw candidates to the island, I doubt that there are very many random people who’ve made it to the island who were just happening hoping to try a cup of that delish, perfectly roasted DHARMA coffee that is all the rage these days.  Afterall, we’ve seen that people who showed up for on purpose to preform actual scientific studies, like the french science team, and even they had their names on the lists.

But for my purpose here, I must steer us toward Benjamin Linus.  His name (I must assume because his dad was pretty much useless) was on the list and then crossed out and he is still alive.  And just what has he been doing in his entire tenure on the island?  Well, let’s see… he has been completely allegiant to Jacob.  Yes, he was, at times, manipulated by the smoke monster and broke rules… but he was doing his best to follow the instructions given to him by Jacob.  He was given lists of things to do, orders from Richard Alpert, Jacob’s Administrative Assistant in all things protectory.  So… okay.  Ben has, in essence been protecting the island.  He has been, the island’s protector.  He thought he was anyway.  How many times has he mentioned protecting the island?  

Ben's final words to Widmore as he exiles him from the island: Because I won't be selfish. Because I'll sacrifice anything to protect this Island.


After Miles informs Ben that Keamy wants to speak with him about a hostage, Ben replies, "Ben: Well, then they've badly miscalculated, because every single one of my people is prepared to die in service to this island."


This all leads me to believe that those who have been crossed off the list are not just of the dead and those found unworthy because they are on team smokey….  but also because they have already fallen into their roles as island protector.  Dogen would be one of these people as well… and while we didn’t see his name on the list, we can’t be sure that Dogen is his real name.  Perhaps he took a different name when he left his life behind so he could bring his son back to life.  

The reason that our Lostaways haven’t been crossed out is because they are still in play.  They haven’t been recruited to either side yet.  Well, Sayid now, obviously but IMO, Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sun, Jin and Sawyer are still up for free agents (Well, Sayid not so much after last night’s Sundown).  As for Miles?  He might have been crossed off the list when he signed on to work for Widmore who was clearly a protector of the island.  Think about Widmore too…  His name isn’t on the list but who knows  if Widmore is actually his name?  He has been around forever and a day… and has been known to say things indicative of his role as island protector: 

Widmore tells Ben to kill Baby Alex then explains, "You might find this difficult to understand, Benjamin... every decision I've made has been about protecting this Island."


I’d also like to state here that we can surmise the same of Eloise Hawking.  (Who knows if that is really her name.)  Though off-island this woman is clearly one of it’s protectors as she guides people there from the Lamp Post station and was a sort of co-team-captain with Widmore when they were both on-island. 

So now, why did FLocke seem to want Sawyer to believe that the whole island protector gig was a one man job and not a team building exercise?  Perhaps in singling him out FLocke was trying to manipulate Sawyer into thinking he was special thus stroking Sawyer’s rebellious rule breaking inclinations in effect swaying the con-man in his less savory direction?  I don’t know.  

And what of FLocke’s claim that everyone was now free and they were to go with him to get off the island?  Will our last shot be of the empty island, now inhabited only by transparent ghosts?Or better yet by wild boar and polar bears amidst howling winds? Or just an island sitting there in silence like a haunted vessel in the Bermuda Triangle just waiting for Luke Perry, Dan Cortese and Olivia d’Abo to stumble upon it while cruising the seas in their salvage vessel?  We still have quite a road to travel to find out all this stuff. That is if Darlton is ever going to explain any of it.  

So… can anyone find the 90’s Nickelodeon Sit Com reference in this post?  I’ll let you write a guest blog post if you can find it! 

Until Next Time: All work and now play makes Claire a dull girl.

Lost, Fringe Science, Alternate Universes, Balance and Dogs.

26 02 2010

I’m just going to go ahead and get a little personal in this post.  I’ve been feeling a bit depressed lately.  I haven’t been able to pinpoint the reason but in thinking about possible whys, it got me thinking about recent events. But not in my life…  on Lost (of course).

This season on Lost we’ve been dealing with two universes.  We’ve got the the original timeline that I’ll refer to as the Island Universe and then we’ve got an Alternate Universe where we are watching events unfold in Los Angeles. The two universes are alike in some ways and very different in others. The Alt Universe seems to treat the Lostaways differently than the Original Universe thus extracting different types of responses from its inhabitants. But what did this have to do with my life?  Plenty. 

Last month my Alternate Universe persona died in an earthquake in Manhattan. How do I know this?  I watched it on TV.  And she wasn’t just my Alt Persona, she was my TV Alt Persona from an Alt Universe.  And since then, I’ve felt a bit… oh, I don’t know…  Off?  

Delusional?  Me?  No, I’m not delusional.  I am quite sane.  I’m just someone who has an old friend who writes for the show Fringe and when he needed to come up with the name of a character who had to die in the first scene of an episode, he thought of me.  I tuned in that night and watched “TV Alt Pauline” talk about being from California (like me) and make comments indicating that she too was a coffee nut. I watched her say goodnight to her coworker, then another earthquake hit and bam, she was dead.

Here, perky TV Alt Universe Pauline gives Ted the "Call Me if you get extra coffee" signal just moments before her death.


It was an awesome moment for me.  Well, an awesome moment for this universe’s Pauline… not so much for TV Alt Universe Pauline. And it was a nice feeling for about a week. I felt somehow lighter.  But then something changed and I got a bit depressed.  I felt empty… but why?  My friend posted a comment on his FB page and said, “Pauline already died a horrible death in episode 14 and seems none the worse for wear for it.” 

But was I none the worse for the wear?  I was feeling disconnected to life. I couldn’t seem to feel passionate about anything.  What the hell was wrong with me?  What if my Alt Universe death had some sort of effect on me on some kind of molecular level? Perhaps it threw off my brain chemical equilibrium? Think about it…  I used to be a nice mix of pessimistic/optimistic and suddenly I was just pessimistic. And so quickly after my happy-go-lucky, Alternate Universe self died. WTF?!

And then I did something stupid.  The very LAST thing a person should do when they’re feeling depressed.  I googled myself. Needless to say, that only made matters worse.  I found that even though I’ve started this very important Lost blog…  TV Alt Universe Pauline was getting so much more play than me.  Her google hits to mine were more than 2:1.  And she was DEAD! 

This all got me thinking, of course, about that episode of Fringe and about the physics involved when dealing with more than one universe.  Walter, Fringe’s scientific genius, had put it like this, “The universe seeks balance. We sent a car over there, so a car of equal mass came back. Now, a building from the other side appeared here. The laws of physics demand both sides of the equation balance. I calculate that a building from this side will be pulled over there, inhabitants and all…”

So, with TV Alt Universe Pauline dead… what did that mean for me?  There was only one place for me to turn to seek out these answers.  Season 6 of Lost. Like Lost’s Alt Universe, my TV Alt Reality self had similarities with me; she was from California, LOVED coffee…. but she was also upbeat to a point where she was almost chirpy.  Have a look for yourself: 

(a group of alternate universe business people work into the evening at Dodst & Rathje Architecture Ltd.)

PAULINE HESS: Hey. Thought you were getting out of here.

TED PRATCHET: Afraid not. It’s gonna be a late one.

PAULINE HESS: Wait a second. Is that — is that real coffee? Where did you get that?

TED PRATCHET: I don’t know. I have my sources.


TED PRATCHET: I’ve got a cousin in Hawaii. She has a secret stash. She sends me stuff every – (building shakes) – this is getting nuts. What is that, six since yesterday?

PAULINE HESS: Yeah, well, I’m from California, so I’m used to it, you know?

TED PRATCHET: But this is New York. Don’t you think it’s strange?


TED PRATCHET: What are they saying on the news?

PAULINE HESS: That they’re just these little quakes, you know? Microquakes. Probably just some byproduct of global warming. Well, see you tomorrow. Oh, and if you, uh, have any extra coffee… call me.

TED PRATCHET: Good night, Pauline.


The Pauline in this universe… I mean, Me…  I wouldn’t have been so dismissive of microquakes in New York City!  I wouldn’t have let the media make up my mind… I would have researched it and had a much better answer than shrugging it off on global warming.  I would have also said, Climate change.  But perhaps Fringe’s Alternate Universe has better journalists who dig deep and get all the facts to a story leaving its citizens able to just accept what it’s told?  Or perhaps there are severe consequences for being a snarky, anti-mainstream woman?  Who knows? But despite the fact that things look so similar… I’ve noticed that the universe acts differently, sparing some and harming others. Shaping lives in different ways. 

I’ve also noticed this in Lost.  In Lost, it seems that the people in the Alt Universe seem to act differently or at least respond differently than the people on the Island do or would have.  Just like how TV Alt Universe Pauline just accepted she’d be going without coffee, I would have tried to scam some off my co-worker…or at least schmooze myself a sip. It’s just like how Alt Universe Locke laughed when he fell off his hydrolic lift onto the lawn while Island Lock would have pulled his knife out and stabbed that lawn like it was a rogue boar trying to eat him. 

This led me to wonder… what if the Lost TV Universe shared things in common with it’s sister show Fringe?  What if the two universes had to remain balanced at all times? And that of course got me thinking about Charlie.  Or, more specifically, Chayid. Yeah, you knew that was coming. 

In the Island Universe, Charlie is long dead.  In Alt Universe, Charlie is still kickin’. That seems pretty  imbalancey to me  BUT…  Charlie died on the plane just before they landed in LA.  He swallowed a bag of Heroin and stopped breathing. Then Jack yanked the dope out of his throat and brought him back to life. He got mad at Jack telling him he was “supposed to die.”  (wonder where he got that idea?  Did he talk to desmond on the plane before going to the bathroom?)

Meanwhile, in Island Universe, Sayid was being drowned by a bunch of Others. And when he woke up, he wasn’t quite right…  and oddly he sounded just like Charlie when he asked, “Wot Happened?” He also thanked Jack for saving his life.  But Jack didn’t saved Sayid’s life… but he did save Charlie’s… on the plane… in the Alt Universe.  

Basically, what I’m getting at is that Charlie was dead in Island Universe so Alt Universe was going to let him die in an attempt to balance things out but Jack stepped in and disrupted that balance.  And resurrected Island Universe Charlie back in the freshest available island body. Also allowing Island Sayid’s Skin suit, a tiny bit like Locke’s being up and about. Not including FLocke though… could this be what the illness is?  The resurrection of  spirits into unburied bodies in an attempt to achieve some sort of body count balance?  (Living body count, that is). Makes me wonder about Adam and Eve and the new skin suites they might be wearing. 

I realize that this theory of mine is as holy as swiss cheese… especially because there are more people alive on the plane than there are on the island. Many people on the plane in Alt Universe are dead in Island Universe.  Locke, Boone, The Federal Marshall and of course Charlie. But one thing is constant.  Jack’s dad’s body is missing in both timelines.  Another constant?  Desmond.  What is Desmond doing on that plane?  He would have been on the island when the plane was flying over… he may have even been under water. But one thing we know about Desmond is that he is special.  And, as labeled by Faraday…  he IS the constant. Would that make him the center of the scales that balances both universes? And speaking of time travel… I mean, Faraday…  

I remember a young Faraday playing piano just before his mother Eloise Hawking told him he should focus on science.


Jack plays piano… so does Jack’s son David in the Alt Universe.  I have no idea what that means but there has been a lot of time travel going on in this show… who knows whose seed has been spread and where?  But three piano playing brunette’s boys can’t be all that coincidental can it?  But I digress… 

It sounds nuts, this Universe Balancing Theory of mine, no..?  but the way I see it…  we’ve got more people alive in the Alternate Universe than we do in Island Universe and if it keeps going like that, Alternate Universe is going to grow so heavy with people and souls that it’s going to crush poor little Island Universe. But this can’t happen can it? I mean, what’s going on in Island Universe is far too important for the development of the Lostaways as people, as souls… for them to get crushed by another universe.  So… according to what Walter over there in the Fringe Universe believes, we need to start sending some of the Alt Universe people to the Island Universe otherwise the island will sink from just from the weight of sheer loneliness. 

Hey! Wait a minute! What if that scale indicates whose Universe is winning? What if the way FLocke is going to get off the island involved crushing Jacob's Island Universe with the new Alt Universe? Wow... I think I like the sound of that.


And I’ll just go ahead and apologize now. I really don’t know how this post about the mechanics of Alternate Universes turned out to be another resurrection of my Chayid theory…  okay, yeah… I knew it all along but give me a break… I’ve got a bad case of Alt Reality Angst of my own here. And I think that makes me uniquely qualified to talk about this stuff. Though… I guess that depends on what Universe I’m currently in… which I’m not quite sure of myself.  

But all of this led me to a few predictions I have for upcoming episodes.  I think that the people coming to the island are of the group Desmond, Faraday and Hawking.  Not sure if they are all coming but some configuration of the group.  I also think that some of the Alt Universe characters need to either die or that there needs to be some more jesus style resurrectin’ going on in Island Universe.

I would also like to put out there that I think Jack might make a trip from Alt Universe to Island Universe. He is the one character in Alt Universe that we’re seeing with missing memories. This I think will cause Alternate Universe to slowly unravel on him and he’s going to remember that he has someplace else to be… just like Sarah in Labyrinth the numerous times she’s tricked by Jareth into thinking she’s in a better place.

And lastly.  I do actually know what is missing in my life.  I lost my dog a month ago tomorrow.  I’m sure that is why I’ve been depressed.  It’s coming from feeling like a lesser person.  Dogs bring out the best in us, in fact, they demand that we be our best. And when they suddenly aren’t there…  it is easy to not be your best and just sink into being sad and crabby and not really passionate about much.  

And on the off chance, I just hope while TV Alt Pauline died just as my sweet dog died, that she is taking care of him for me so he won’t miss me as much as I am missing him.  And if perhaps she too had a dog over there in TV Alt Universe… I hope that I’ll somehow be able to find him so he won’t be missing her so much either. 

The sweetest dog ever, waiting for Alt World Pauline to get home.


Until Next Time: All work and no play makes Claire a dull girl…