Dear Lost, I know what could have happened to Claire. Please?

11 02 2010

Please, please, please won’t you extend Jeff Kober’s role?  Yes, he was great as a mechanic who was sympathetic to Kate’s handcuffed plight…

Kober as the cool mechanic who helped Kate out of handcuffs in the alternate timeline.


but now imagine what he could do with a bigger role. A role perhaps on the island…  as a rogue Other who has been living with Claire all this time, watching over her, showing her how to hunt and set traps. A bad ass with a heart of gold. (Not to say that Claire couldn’t survive on her own but I just really enjoy Jeff Kober in every role I’ve seen him in.  He brings a special something, you know?) 

Or what if I went so far as to say that perhaps Rousseau wasn’t the one who set those traps but used them?  Same with Claire.  What if this they were created by this rogue Other?  What is he split from the Others a long time ago? Before Rousseau ever got to the island? Hey TPtB!  There’s time right?  I looked at Kober’s IMDB page and it looks like he’s available for work.  

Kober as China Beach's Sgt. Evan 'Dodger' Winslow which aired on ABC from 1988 to 1991.


Remember Dodger from China Beach? Dodger was a Marine who went a bit rogue in Vietnam after a traumatic fire fight where he lost a lot of men. He goes back out in the field with his platoon though but only to keep his mates alive. A rogue Dodger would be an excellent addition on island crazypants don’t you think? 

Come on producers, add some years, exchange the military issue for some “Other’s” gear and bing bam boom… the most badass other the island has ever seen.  Do it! Do it!  

Until Next Time:  “That douche is my dad.”