Psychic Reading for our Lost Hero Jack before The End…

21 05 2010

I mean, come on…  Could there BE  anything crazier in a Crazy Lost Theory?  So… I consulted myself…  Oh yeah, you probably don’t realize that I’m a sensitive and as such, have a fair level of psychic ability.  So, I did as I do for friends and clients…  I tuned into Jack Shepherd and in turn that connected me into his fellow islanders and this is what happened…  

The following are notes I took during the reading:  


Very grounded

Sense of purpose

He can Feel the island

He loves Kate enough to let her go… The small ache remains. 

Christian may be used as a pawn against him…
We will see more of Christian.

The island feels like an extension of himself (Jack)…
It Seems to react to his moods… Feels like a well fitting coat he is putting on.

Is Jack more connected to the Island than ever? My spirit guides think so...

I’m asking the Question: Will Jack  succeed in stopping flocke?
I see Claire as an angel helping Jack.
And perhaps hindering him. 

Brown Claire is torn. Confusion and pain.
I ask Marlo (my spirit guide) to take a look at the island. 

She was apprehensive of this imaginary place.
She said… “Island Is darker side of people…” I’m wondering if she mean it was the darker side of the human imagination?

Red red red… three times.
Ben is acting on blood… With his lizard brain.

Ben is a storm…
Ben is a bullet hole.

Altiverse Ben is a whole…

Island whole Needs to be filled.

fill the whole fix the island.

I see adversaries falling… down a well…
Could it be whole problem be fixed with the hole filled with the protector and Flocke?
Might that save the island?

Notes I made after the reading:
I’ve never felt a person so connected to a place before… to nature.
Did Jack get a download or instant hookup to the island when Jake had him drink the magic water?
Feels like Jack knows that Kate thinks she belongs with Sawyer… He wants her to be happy.
It felt like Jack would be seeing Christian again.
Sort of like an angel and devil on his shoulder though… being used against him as well as helping him.
Perhaps Jack will become confused about his father? I don’t know.

It was funny doing this reading because There wasn’t much energy to feel… only very vivid images. Like reading ghosts rather than people. 

The whole/hole thing felt like it was an automatic reading response… I didn’t mean to type whole… it was supposed to be hole but I think that the wh gives it a bigger meaning.
I think it indicates bringing the two dualities together… Bringing the monster and the protector back into one whole being as opposed to having it be split into two.
Feels like bringing flocke and jack together as one…
or at least their mystical sides… together again they will restore the balance of the island.
The joining would be unwilling on both parts… I see it happening as an accident with the two fighting each other perhaps falling down a well… or into the sparkly playboy grotto place… and somehow Des is like a conductor between the two… reconnecting the two of them… stablizing… he’s like the electrical part of a machine connecting the two like a bridge.

(and then I started having psychic flashes again as I was writing…. )
I see Desmond standing there like a neutral ground…
but painted red and blue.
that is the image.
his arms are out like that daVinci drawing… the sketch?

Desmond the Vitruvian Man

one arm connected to locke the other to jack.
blue and red… like veins and arteries.
veins and arteries that connect the three together… and into the island as well. All connected. The whole.

man… being psychic is weird.


Lost… It’s a Jim Henson world (or a Beatles’ Song?)

7 04 2010

This week, on Lost: “Two players. Two sides. One is light … one is dark.” Yeah, yeah… we know Locke.  But who’da thunk that these two would  end up not only on opposite sides but trekking through the jungle on a moonlit night under orders from opposing sides to do… what exactly?  But more about that later…  

In seasons previous, this was the dream team you'd have wanted to save you... now? I'm not so sure. (I couldn't find the screencap I wanted so I settled on this sweaty S4 Freighter shot.)


First thoughts about this episode (beyond above sweaty ones)?  Honestly I thought, “If this show ends in a big chorus of “All You Need is Love” I’m going to hurt someone.”  That said, last night’s episode “Happily Ever After” was true to it’s name in that after weeks of pretty dark story lines, the notion that at least some of our Lostaways might be sailing off into the sunset with the one that they love come series end was brought back to life. Or was it?

Might it just have been an allegory about how in our modern life, it is easy to forget what is truly important. For many Lostaways, the island has made them remember that what is important is love and human relationships and that somehow in the ‘real world’ they let that fall away as the trappings of modern life enveloped them and distracted them with petty worries about money, power and of course unresolved issues with their fathers. 

For weeks I’ve been reading a lot of an theories that the Alt World is a gentler place where the Lostaways are pretty happy and satisfied, where their stories get wrapped up nicely with a ribbon and a bow. Many have sighted John Locke’s seemingly good ending as proof of this but I begged to differ.  I thought Locke seemed resigned to let go of his big dreams.  He wanted to walk and be vital once again…  instead he ‘cried uncle’ because, well…  Rose had terminal cancer and her pep talk made giving up seem very appealing…  But last night it was made clear by these sort of bleed through experiences that our Sideways Lost boys were having, that they are mostly living Sideways lives devoid of greater meaning. They have freedom and riches but these are lives lived without ever really knowing the delivering grace of true love.  

Wow! Did I really just write that last love-centric paragraph?  Yes… yes I did.  Kinda gross, right? But again, last night the writers beat us over the head with the idea they wanted to get across… that love is where it’s at, dig? A very Age of Aquarius message but also confusing in light of last week’s Kwon-centric episode that found Island Jin in the psychedelic brainwashing room 23 and told the Alt World story that true love would be punished or at the very least, tested beyond reason.

These parallel story lines; Island time vs Alt World time, seem to be acting differently each episode, don’t they?   The Package saw a pretty direct connection between the timelines with mirrored situations: Jin held captive, Sun unable to speak English, the two getting separated and trying to reunite, etc.  While this week we saw the relationship between timelines being played out in a different way.  All of the action happening in Alt world didn’t mirror what was going on in Island World during the episode but reflected what happened on the island in previous seasons: Charlie falling in love with Claire, Daniel feeling the love for Charlotte and Desmond searching for Penny. Honestly though, I don’t really know that that means in a theoretical nature, I just find it interesting how the writers are playing with the Sideways Flashes in a less consistent manner than we’ve seen throughout the series.  

Theory wise, I found the scales interesting in this episode.  I found myself thinking of the scale as less who was winning in the race of good an evil but which timeline was heavier, more dense… which one had a better chance of survival. I really do believe that we are going to see the Alt World just shatter sometime in the near future.  With all the glowing holes of love that were punched through the “thinner, more porous region of space time” (that is a quote from last week’s Fringe, an episode where Walter named his Alt Universe self, “Walternate.)  The Sideways world just may be teetering on the brink of disaster. Perhaps like Island Daniel dropped an atomic bomb on the island, his Sideways self will drop a Love Bomb on Alt World and burn that mother down. 

On Fringe, Nina (an enigmatic Eloise type character) uses NYC snow globes to demonstrate what happens when two Universes collide: One is destroyed.


And Speaking of Daniel’s enigmatic mother…  what is Eloise Hawking/Widmore’s deal.  I always thought it was Des who was able to straddle the timelines, one Des, two dimensions…  but we saw last night that there are two Desmonds just like the rest of the Losties. But Eloise…  she is another matter.  Why does she know so freaking much?  Who is she? Part of me wonders if she is the one who straddles both timelines?  She tells Desmond, “Someone has affected the way you see things.  It is, in fact, a violation.” This to me is indicative of her awareness of the larger picture, the two timelines. Perhaps when the bomb went off… she didn’t make it to the temple and she was killed when the bomb exploded and now her consciousness is in Sideways land.  Might this be why she doesn’t want Sideways land compromised because then she will cease to be at all?

Maybe she is the reason the two worlds exist in the first place? Did she kill Daniel and then help Jack explode the jughead because she knew that it would create this other timeline where she would be able to have her son? Is she now willing to do anything to keep that timeline in tact?  She has always been manipulative, trying to keep Desmond away from Penny so he would follow his Island Destiny… but in Alt World she is keeping him away from Penny to keep him away from the island. After all, she did say, “What Happened, Happened.” Indicating she has let the past go and is satisfied, perhaps happy with where she is now; Matriarch surrounded by family.  For her, she saw what happened playing the high stakes game for love and family on the island and is just happy with peace and calm? 

The conversations between Eloise and Desmond reminded me of Labyrinth last night…  As if Eloise created this whole world for Desmond and rearranged time for him so he would be successful, happy and get what he (supposedly) wanted most in the world, the approval of Widmore. It felt just like Jareth the Goblin King who created a whole world for Sarah and rearrange time for her just so she would have what she wanted (supposedly) most in the world, to be free of her infant step brother.

"I have reordered time. I have turned the world upside down, and I have done it all for you!" "Turn back, Sarah. Turn back before it's too late."


And Eloise, just as Jareth with Sarah, was trying to talk Desmond out of looking for Penny.  Anyone else think that George the Chauffeur (Island Universe’s George Minkowski the Freighter Guy) looks a little like a young Hoggle? 

Fisher Stevens as George.




And both are used in their respective stories to distract and mislead the characters who are both looking for something very important. Both seem to want to befriend and protect their charge but both are also jealous and dissatisfied with their station in life. And… that’s all I’ve got on that topic. 

But hey Lost… way to punch the more holes in my flimsily theory about Jack’s Baby Mama. Beat into our heads last night was the blue blue eyes of penny (of course making us think of Jack’s son’s blue blue eyes) and then setting it up so Penny was the one Jogging in the Sideways stadium bringing to mind Des and Jack’s first meeting in the Stadium.  In my mind I could imagine who there might have been a Sideways time that Jack and Penny used to pound those Sideways Stadium Steps together? So, okay… I buy it alright… I’m letting go of yet another theory…  Cassidy won’t be revealed as David’s mother because of the whole Piano talent that seems to run through Widmore’s blood line and the whole blue blue pools of blue eyes. Sigh.  

Lastly… how bout that meeting in the jungle last night between Prozac Sayid and Zoloft Des?  The Pawns ~ or Perhaps Knaves of Dark and Light brought together for what purpose?  I supposed only Island Time will tell.

There are many more questions that this episode brought up but I picked my favorite bits and went with those…  I may blog more on the other interesting tidbits from this episode a bit later…  

Until next time…

Yay Chip!  
You made it through another episode without dying!  

Lost, Fringe Science, Alternate Universes, Balance and Dogs.

26 02 2010

I’m just going to go ahead and get a little personal in this post.  I’ve been feeling a bit depressed lately.  I haven’t been able to pinpoint the reason but in thinking about possible whys, it got me thinking about recent events. But not in my life…  on Lost (of course).

This season on Lost we’ve been dealing with two universes.  We’ve got the the original timeline that I’ll refer to as the Island Universe and then we’ve got an Alternate Universe where we are watching events unfold in Los Angeles. The two universes are alike in some ways and very different in others. The Alt Universe seems to treat the Lostaways differently than the Original Universe thus extracting different types of responses from its inhabitants. But what did this have to do with my life?  Plenty. 

Last month my Alternate Universe persona died in an earthquake in Manhattan. How do I know this?  I watched it on TV.  And she wasn’t just my Alt Persona, she was my TV Alt Persona from an Alt Universe.  And since then, I’ve felt a bit… oh, I don’t know…  Off?  

Delusional?  Me?  No, I’m not delusional.  I am quite sane.  I’m just someone who has an old friend who writes for the show Fringe and when he needed to come up with the name of a character who had to die in the first scene of an episode, he thought of me.  I tuned in that night and watched “TV Alt Pauline” talk about being from California (like me) and make comments indicating that she too was a coffee nut. I watched her say goodnight to her coworker, then another earthquake hit and bam, she was dead.

Here, perky TV Alt Universe Pauline gives Ted the "Call Me if you get extra coffee" signal just moments before her death.


It was an awesome moment for me.  Well, an awesome moment for this universe’s Pauline… not so much for TV Alt Universe Pauline. And it was a nice feeling for about a week. I felt somehow lighter.  But then something changed and I got a bit depressed.  I felt empty… but why?  My friend posted a comment on his FB page and said, “Pauline already died a horrible death in episode 14 and seems none the worse for wear for it.” 

But was I none the worse for the wear?  I was feeling disconnected to life. I couldn’t seem to feel passionate about anything.  What the hell was wrong with me?  What if my Alt Universe death had some sort of effect on me on some kind of molecular level? Perhaps it threw off my brain chemical equilibrium? Think about it…  I used to be a nice mix of pessimistic/optimistic and suddenly I was just pessimistic. And so quickly after my happy-go-lucky, Alternate Universe self died. WTF?!

And then I did something stupid.  The very LAST thing a person should do when they’re feeling depressed.  I googled myself. Needless to say, that only made matters worse.  I found that even though I’ve started this very important Lost blog…  TV Alt Universe Pauline was getting so much more play than me.  Her google hits to mine were more than 2:1.  And she was DEAD! 

This all got me thinking, of course, about that episode of Fringe and about the physics involved when dealing with more than one universe.  Walter, Fringe’s scientific genius, had put it like this, “The universe seeks balance. We sent a car over there, so a car of equal mass came back. Now, a building from the other side appeared here. The laws of physics demand both sides of the equation balance. I calculate that a building from this side will be pulled over there, inhabitants and all…”

So, with TV Alt Universe Pauline dead… what did that mean for me?  There was only one place for me to turn to seek out these answers.  Season 6 of Lost. Like Lost’s Alt Universe, my TV Alt Reality self had similarities with me; she was from California, LOVED coffee…. but she was also upbeat to a point where she was almost chirpy.  Have a look for yourself: 

(a group of alternate universe business people work into the evening at Dodst & Rathje Architecture Ltd.)

PAULINE HESS: Hey. Thought you were getting out of here.

TED PRATCHET: Afraid not. It’s gonna be a late one.

PAULINE HESS: Wait a second. Is that — is that real coffee? Where did you get that?

TED PRATCHET: I don’t know. I have my sources.


TED PRATCHET: I’ve got a cousin in Hawaii. She has a secret stash. She sends me stuff every – (building shakes) – this is getting nuts. What is that, six since yesterday?

PAULINE HESS: Yeah, well, I’m from California, so I’m used to it, you know?

TED PRATCHET: But this is New York. Don’t you think it’s strange?


TED PRATCHET: What are they saying on the news?

PAULINE HESS: That they’re just these little quakes, you know? Microquakes. Probably just some byproduct of global warming. Well, see you tomorrow. Oh, and if you, uh, have any extra coffee… call me.

TED PRATCHET: Good night, Pauline.


The Pauline in this universe… I mean, Me…  I wouldn’t have been so dismissive of microquakes in New York City!  I wouldn’t have let the media make up my mind… I would have researched it and had a much better answer than shrugging it off on global warming.  I would have also said, Climate change.  But perhaps Fringe’s Alternate Universe has better journalists who dig deep and get all the facts to a story leaving its citizens able to just accept what it’s told?  Or perhaps there are severe consequences for being a snarky, anti-mainstream woman?  Who knows? But despite the fact that things look so similar… I’ve noticed that the universe acts differently, sparing some and harming others. Shaping lives in different ways. 

I’ve also noticed this in Lost.  In Lost, it seems that the people in the Alt Universe seem to act differently or at least respond differently than the people on the Island do or would have.  Just like how TV Alt Universe Pauline just accepted she’d be going without coffee, I would have tried to scam some off my co-worker…or at least schmooze myself a sip. It’s just like how Alt Universe Locke laughed when he fell off his hydrolic lift onto the lawn while Island Lock would have pulled his knife out and stabbed that lawn like it was a rogue boar trying to eat him. 

This led me to wonder… what if the Lost TV Universe shared things in common with it’s sister show Fringe?  What if the two universes had to remain balanced at all times? And that of course got me thinking about Charlie.  Or, more specifically, Chayid. Yeah, you knew that was coming. 

In the Island Universe, Charlie is long dead.  In Alt Universe, Charlie is still kickin’. That seems pretty  imbalancey to me  BUT…  Charlie died on the plane just before they landed in LA.  He swallowed a bag of Heroin and stopped breathing. Then Jack yanked the dope out of his throat and brought him back to life. He got mad at Jack telling him he was “supposed to die.”  (wonder where he got that idea?  Did he talk to desmond on the plane before going to the bathroom?)

Meanwhile, in Island Universe, Sayid was being drowned by a bunch of Others. And when he woke up, he wasn’t quite right…  and oddly he sounded just like Charlie when he asked, “Wot Happened?” He also thanked Jack for saving his life.  But Jack didn’t saved Sayid’s life… but he did save Charlie’s… on the plane… in the Alt Universe.  

Basically, what I’m getting at is that Charlie was dead in Island Universe so Alt Universe was going to let him die in an attempt to balance things out but Jack stepped in and disrupted that balance.  And resurrected Island Universe Charlie back in the freshest available island body. Also allowing Island Sayid’s Skin suit, a tiny bit like Locke’s being up and about. Not including FLocke though… could this be what the illness is?  The resurrection of  spirits into unburied bodies in an attempt to achieve some sort of body count balance?  (Living body count, that is). Makes me wonder about Adam and Eve and the new skin suites they might be wearing. 

I realize that this theory of mine is as holy as swiss cheese… especially because there are more people alive on the plane than there are on the island. Many people on the plane in Alt Universe are dead in Island Universe.  Locke, Boone, The Federal Marshall and of course Charlie. But one thing is constant.  Jack’s dad’s body is missing in both timelines.  Another constant?  Desmond.  What is Desmond doing on that plane?  He would have been on the island when the plane was flying over… he may have even been under water. But one thing we know about Desmond is that he is special.  And, as labeled by Faraday…  he IS the constant. Would that make him the center of the scales that balances both universes? And speaking of time travel… I mean, Faraday…  

I remember a young Faraday playing piano just before his mother Eloise Hawking told him he should focus on science.


Jack plays piano… so does Jack’s son David in the Alt Universe.  I have no idea what that means but there has been a lot of time travel going on in this show… who knows whose seed has been spread and where?  But three piano playing brunette’s boys can’t be all that coincidental can it?  But I digress… 

It sounds nuts, this Universe Balancing Theory of mine, no..?  but the way I see it…  we’ve got more people alive in the Alternate Universe than we do in Island Universe and if it keeps going like that, Alternate Universe is going to grow so heavy with people and souls that it’s going to crush poor little Island Universe. But this can’t happen can it? I mean, what’s going on in Island Universe is far too important for the development of the Lostaways as people, as souls… for them to get crushed by another universe.  So… according to what Walter over there in the Fringe Universe believes, we need to start sending some of the Alt Universe people to the Island Universe otherwise the island will sink from just from the weight of sheer loneliness. 

Hey! Wait a minute! What if that scale indicates whose Universe is winning? What if the way FLocke is going to get off the island involved crushing Jacob's Island Universe with the new Alt Universe? Wow... I think I like the sound of that.


And I’ll just go ahead and apologize now. I really don’t know how this post about the mechanics of Alternate Universes turned out to be another resurrection of my Chayid theory…  okay, yeah… I knew it all along but give me a break… I’ve got a bad case of Alt Reality Angst of my own here. And I think that makes me uniquely qualified to talk about this stuff. Though… I guess that depends on what Universe I’m currently in… which I’m not quite sure of myself.  

But all of this led me to a few predictions I have for upcoming episodes.  I think that the people coming to the island are of the group Desmond, Faraday and Hawking.  Not sure if they are all coming but some configuration of the group.  I also think that some of the Alt Universe characters need to either die or that there needs to be some more jesus style resurrectin’ going on in Island Universe.

I would also like to put out there that I think Jack might make a trip from Alt Universe to Island Universe. He is the one character in Alt Universe that we’re seeing with missing memories. This I think will cause Alternate Universe to slowly unravel on him and he’s going to remember that he has someplace else to be… just like Sarah in Labyrinth the numerous times she’s tricked by Jareth into thinking she’s in a better place.

And lastly.  I do actually know what is missing in my life.  I lost my dog a month ago tomorrow.  I’m sure that is why I’ve been depressed.  It’s coming from feeling like a lesser person.  Dogs bring out the best in us, in fact, they demand that we be our best. And when they suddenly aren’t there…  it is easy to not be your best and just sink into being sad and crabby and not really passionate about much.  

And on the off chance, I just hope while TV Alt Pauline died just as my sweet dog died, that she is taking care of him for me so he won’t miss me as much as I am missing him.  And if perhaps she too had a dog over there in TV Alt Universe… I hope that I’ll somehow be able to find him so he won’t be missing her so much either. 

The sweetest dog ever, waiting for Alt World Pauline to get home.


Until Next Time: All work and no play makes Claire a dull girl…