The End… And why the Island had to be Saved.

24 05 2010

I loved the series finale of Lost.  But it was so heady and intoxicating that I need a few days to digest and process…  but, I was thinking this afternoon about how much the science people are dissatisfied with the end and the lack of explanation…

Well…  it dawned on my how very interesting it is that this series finale happened at the exact time that there is oil gushing out of a hole in the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

People are mad that we didn’t find out the island was and how Smokey would have destroyed the world had he been let off the island. But don’t we sort of know that already?  

In my mind, I am choosing to see the island as a metaphor for Earth and the smoke monster as a destructive escaped energy source. I mean, smokey looks like little else than a plume of smoke created by an oil fire.

See crazy Foster Mom and the boys put it in simple terms in this conversation:

MOTHER: Light. The warmest, brightest light you’ve ever seen or felt. And we must make sure that no one ever finds it.
BOY IN BLACK: It’s beautiful…
MOTHER: Yes it is. And that’s why they want it. Because a little bit of this very same light is inside of every man. But they always want more.
JACOB: Can they take it?
MOTHER: No. But they would try. And if they tried they could put it out. And if the light goes out here… it goes out everywhere. And so I’ve protected this place. But I can’t protect it forever.

Sort of sounds like a metephorical discussion of energy sources: oil, gas, coal, etc. At least to me. We had whole seasons centering around the electromagnetism of the island and how men wanted to dig down into the earth to get to it and try to harness it so it makes sense to me.

So, why was it important to save the island?  For the same reason that it’s important to try heal or save the planet before we die and move on. We live in such a disposable society that using something up and discarding it seems like the norm…  but just because the Oceanic Survivors were done with the island doesn’t mean that they should discard it. It’s just like we shouldn’t be using up the planet, draining her of her life’s blood, only to discard her when we are ready to move on.

So, why couldn’t the series have been about both the redemption of the human soul and the conservation of the earth?   

Maybe we should send jack down to the bottom of The Gulf to plug up the hole?




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