Lost “Across the Sea” Theory-less.

12 05 2010

Okay so…  there may be an expanded post coming this week but after last night’s episode, I don’t have much to say.  I mean…  crazy Allison Janney said it, “”Every question I answer is only going to lead to another question. You should rest, and just be grateful you’re alive.”  (How annoying was that moment?)I will probably write something about how frustrated I am that I’m supposed to think the MIB is pure evil. I mean, that would be like hating a foster kid whose foster mom mentally abused him before handing him over to an even harsher system.

How many times does MIB have to get beat up, bashed in the head with a rock & turned into a smoke monster before I can sympathize with him? See the look of terror on his face?


Okay, that is a little extreme but seriously… these two boys were victims of a crazy woman and now all of the people who have been brought to the island have been victimized by her sons. So I suppose I can assume that all the evils in the world are caused by women huh?  Is that what you are telling me Darlton? Really?  

Oh man do the writers have some explaining to do.  Like, one minute Jake and MIB’s real mom and their adopted mom via rock bludgeoning are speaking two different languages and the next minute it’s like the island has a universal translator! WTF? 

I feel like maybe I am stupid? Did I miss something or did this only REALLY show us who Adam and Eve were?  I’m going to post something that really sums up how I feel about television and life really…  and how Lost defies this world view of mine.  Thanks Lost… and yes… I’m still mad at you, ven if there might be a theory brewing in my brain that connects MamaJake with Danielle Rousseau. Still mad. 




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12 05 2010

In my role of “bringing geeky back” to the archaeological study of LOST 😉 I have always had a problem with the Latin spoken on the show. I’m not sure why the writers/producers chose Latin in the first place, especially with all the Egyptian doo-dads around. If they are trying to make reference to Alexandria, they should have stuck with Greek. It was the closest thing classical antiquity had to a “universal language”–widely spoken and read throughout the Mediterranean region for millennia.

13 05 2010

+1 for Freaks and Geeks.

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