Can We Just Fracking Call Him Adam? Oh, And Jacob’s Water Testing. Also, a Guest Blogger Next Week!

12 05 2010

I’d like to appologize for my earlier post.  I’m not so mad anymore.  In fact, I loved this episode because it is making me take another look at the entire series and question everything I thought I knew.  So…  well just, Yay. 

One of the things I’m thinking about is what can only be, as far as I can figure, the entrance to the Secret World of Og:

This wonderful opening in the earth where water flows that holds the essence of life… the light in every human bla bla bla. But what is the deal with this place?  How did it go from being the place where you’d sure to be able to find the last unicorn to the Bog of Eternal Stench? When they were boys, Eve (evil Allison Janney the Foster Mom) told the boys how wonderful and important it was but then as an adult she turns around and tells Jake that going down into it would be a fate worse than death! 

Then, in a bizarre twist on the rule that he and Adam (formerly the MIB)
inflict harm on each other, Jacob chokes Adam, Bashes his head and throat into the river rocks and then throws him down into the glowing pit where the water transforms him somehow into the smoke monster. Okay… it would seem that the water was bad…   got it… that water is BAD! Bad water!  Bad Bad Water!  And for the purposes of this blog, I must presume that the temple was built over this BADBAD Water.  

So then… When Sayid is mortally wounded, why is it that the ghost of Jacob, (since it has been established by Darlton that those are indeed actual ghosts that Hurley is seeing) tells Hurley to bring dying Sayid to the temple?  Again presuming that Jacob’s instructions for Dogen is that he should put Candidates into the water if they are injured, the question to be begged is why!?  WHYWHYWHY?! Why would Jakey Boy do this?  

Was this just a special punishment for Sayid since he was the person who shot Ben making it so Ben was put in the water and turned into bad Ben?  Or was he trying to test what happens when anyone in general gets put in the water to see if it was just that his brother had already been corrupted by his time spent living amongst the men in the village?  Why?  Why turn Sayid into a vessel of nothing?  What is the deal with Jacob?  What is his point?  

I have an idea…  but I can’t go into it because my Lostbuddy Jordon has an amazing theory he will be unveiling here on My Crazy Lost Theory next Monday… and boy is it a doozy! And my idea ties in with what I know of Jordon’s theory of awesomesause… so I must stop here…  

But, I will leave you with this…  who out there isn’t now questioning the motives of every single move that Jacob made?  And also… was it just me or was one of the men that killed the Boar played by Clancy Brown who played Kelvin Inman?  That character has been all over Lost and it would be an interesting twist of he was a survivor of the massacre of Adam’s village.  

So… Okay.  Watch this space: Monday. HUGE THEORY!  by Jordon Flato!  

oh… and water.  It’s bad… by why?  And why does Jake seem to be testing it?




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