Jacob/Smoke Monster connection

1 04 2010

It has been talked about on the web that Jacob and the MIB could be the same person. This was even talked about after we’d seen the two together on the beach. I’m not sure if I buy that theory. If you’ve ever read this blog before, you know I’m more partial to my own theory that Jacob conned the MIB to take his place as the Smoke Monster. In this Freaky Friday Theory of mine I assert that Jacob and MIB must have actually switch bodies at one point.  I’m not so sure I go THAT far with all the detail I put into that theory analysis, but I do still believe that MIB used to be an ordinary dude until Jake tricked him into taking his place as the island watchdog, Smokey.  

As part of the Same Person theory that I’ve read about,  which from now on I will be referring to as: “The Man in Jacob Theory,” it was pointed out that there is a similarity between Jake and MIB. The sounds they make.

Please watch the first 22 seconds of this video:

Now watch this video (and please ignore the comment about the fart at the end!):

Doesn’t the tikitytackity sound of Jake’s weaving sound an awful lot like the tickitytackity of the Smoke Monster? But why? Why do they sound the same? I suppose at this point, with this footage, one could conclude that they are the same. One might also conclude that the Smoke Costume the MIB was forced to wear came with the sound effects. It might also be concluded that both Jake AND MIB can turn into black smoke… but I’m not so sure of that one…

But what does this MEAN?!

Also…  if the original premise brought up in this post is proven to be fact that could only mean one thing:  


Yes, I know… more Buffy.