Jacob vs MIB Inspiration revealed.

27 03 2010

Remember this scene?  Please, even if you remember, watch it. 

Then if you could, please watch the following video.  Note, in particular,  the cordial nature of the relationship between these two adversaries. Do you find it familiar? 

Jacob and the MIB totally remind me of Sam and Ralph… ever since they first sat down on the beach together.  The crappy thing about that is that now, each time I see them together on Lost the Looney Tunes theme music pops into my head. (sorry if I just made it so it happens to you in upcoming episodes)  

Really though, you gotta admit that the people brought to the island are treated like sheep to be fought over.




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28 03 2010
Looney Lost Tunes: A Longwinded & Perhaps Preposterous Explanation of David’s Mother. « My Crazy Lost Theory

[…] 28 03 2010 Yes, it happened again.  I was merely writing a little blog post about Lost’s Jacob and MIB vs. Looney Tunes’ Ralph and Sam when I was hit with coincidence after coincidence over and over again.  Or are they […]

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