Welcome to the Lost Hellmouth.

23 03 2010

Hello again there Buffyverse! I had no idea I’d be bringing you up again so deep into Season 6 of Lost but here we are…

There have already been posts about this across the net but I had to add my two cents. Here are Six (a nice hellish number) parallels between Buffy and Lost.

1. So… Buffy is the chosen one and spends an entire 7 seasons guarding the Hellmouth that is located underneath Sunnydale’s High School.
Apparently, Jacob is the island’s chosen one who guards the island which is a cork to a hellmouth.

2. Most of Buffy Season 7 was taken up with training “Potentials” who will take over being the chosen one when Buffy dies.
Lost Season 6 has been revolving around the revelation that there are several “Candidates” on the island that will take Jacob’s place as chosen one to guard the island hellmouth when Jake dies.

3. When a Slayer dies, another takes her place.
When Jacob dies, another will take his place.

4. S7 Buffy, Andrew was taken into the Slayer fold after a shapeshifting big bad told him to Kill Jonathan. He served as comic relief of the season.
S6 Ben was taken into the Candidate Fold after he killed Jacob after a shapeshifting big bad told him to do so. He now serves up sassy comic fireside snark that would rival Andrew’s.

5. In S5 of BtVS… Buffy suddenly had a sister named Dawn who was conjured by monks from some kind of Key energy crap or something.
In S6 of Lost… Jack suddenly has a son. Wonder if he is some kind of key?

6 In S7 of BtVS, Giles comes back to help watch over the “Potentials.”
In S6 of Lost, Ilana is on the island to protect the “Candidates” as a favor to Jacob.

And that is about all I got tonight… though I’m sure I could come up with more if need be. I swear, if Ben makes a Funnel Cake before the season finale… well, I don’t know what I’d do. It’d be kinda cool though.

How is this for an BtVS inspired ending to Lost? Jack’s son comes to the island (the key) and he somehow is able to activate that Dagger of Dogen’s to activate not just one of the Candidates but ALL of them as protectors of the island. They are then able to kill FLocke which sinks the island, thus sealing the hellmouth forever… then they all go to the Mall.

(sorry if I just spoiled Buffy for you… but you should have watched it by now if you haven’t already.)

Oh… and I’ll leave you with an interesting exchange between Lindelof and Cuse during a podcast in 2007 about how many characters have crossed paths in Tallahassee.

Damon Lindelof: We do have a problem with Tallahassee. (Carlton laughs)
Carlton Cuse: Do you want to clear that up, once and for all, what the problem is with Tallahassee? Or should we just leave that as an unsolved mystery?
Damon Lindelof: We don’t have a problem with Tallahassee. Tallahassee is a wonderful, wonderful city, in the –
Carlton Cuse: If you like waffles.
Damon Lindelof: – wonderful state of Florida. If you like waffles. No, Tallahassee’s great, it just happens to be a nexus point where many of our characters have crossed paths. Which forces –
Carlton Cuse: Like a hellmouth?
Damon Lindelof: Yeah, like a hellmouth (Carlton laughs), which forces them to, to uh, to, to, and Sawyer has negative, negative uh, negative feelings about Tallahassee, so –

Hmmmm… Sawyer, Slayer, Sawyer, Slayer…

(Photos will be added tomorrow… I’m too tired tonight and I still gotta go call my man.)




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24 03 2010
Freaky Friday: The Lost Remix « My Crazy Lost Theory

[…] inside his foot statue.  What the frap is in there?  An entertainment system and DVD’s of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 7?  I think that is all I’ve got for now. I hoped you enjoyed this, my craziest of Lost […]

27 03 2010

Yes Pauline, you’re doing it right!

I followed your link form John’s blog, thanks for that 🙂

Wow, think of the hours we could waste drawing parallels… gah, gotta step away from the computer!

27 03 2010

I know… I dare not let myself think of other seasons… like, say… Season 5 when Buffy died and then in Season 6 she came back a little different (just like Locke did in Season 5).

Oh! And how when Dawn wanted to bring Joyce back to life… and they said if she did that Joyce wouldn’t be the same… just like Richard said when talking about taking Ben to the temple to be healed or revived or whatever.

I need to stop. I could also do this with Lost and Star Trek… Lost and Felicity… Lost and probably X-Files and perhaps the TV series Fame. It’s a sickness!

Thanks for stopping by Mandy!

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