Dr. Linus Questions or So Many Pop-Culture References, You’re Head Will Spin!

12 03 2010

So… it’s been a few days since a few questions were answered in last week’s Dr. Linus and ever since, I’ve been pondering several new questions that sprung from the episode.  I was going to keep them to myself but I noticed that every time I started to ponder them, this song popped into my head:

and fearing the fate of that song getting permanently stuck in there, I thought I ought to post my questions and pondering here…  I mean, that’s what this blog is for right? 

A few random thoughts before I get to it though…  

First, I’d like to congratulate Arzt for being the first ever character on lost to question a scheme before participating in it when he forced Alt Ben to tell him the reason he was being asked to hack into the school’s email server. Before this notable occurance, we endured 5.27 seasons of characters being like, “You want me to risk my life by crawling into that airplane hanging there on the ledge?  A’right!” R.I.P. Boone.   

But wait! OMGosh…  My coffee tastes so good this morning!  You know those days when you wake up… take your first sip of coffee and it is just exceptional even though you did nothing different to it since the day before?  Well, it’s one of those days.  As AC would say…  “Damn Fine Coffee. And Hot!”

Even if you don't remember... Twin Peaks references never get old to me.


The gift you give once... then you kill yourself AND your sisters. Okay so… Lost.  We found out some cool shit on Tuesday.  We learned that when Jacob touches you he gives you a gift…  which actually brought to mind the notion as a girl’s virginity being a gift.  But then again, that gift can only be given once and Jacob has been gifting all over the place. But why was Richard suddenly suicidal after being gifted? Could it have been a nod to the stunning Sophia Coppola film The Virgin Suicides?  Hmmmm. 

But what was the gift Jake gave to Richard that gave him the melancholia of a pubescent teen?  Maybe he was gifted stunning good looks that would last until someone killed him? Wow, that’s really not a great gift at all. Was it the inability to kill himself to avoid a Virgin Suicides scenario?  Wait!  What kind of gift is that coming from a guy who is all “Free Will!  Free Will!”  We do know Jake didn’t give him immortality because Richie thinks that if Alice wannabe, Jack lights the dynamite he’ll die.  Hmmm…  Quite the conundrum.   

Richard, sweetie, don't fret. Sure, Jake is dead but hey, now you can find a honey and settle down, pop out a kid our two or hey, read a good book.


Do you see what I’m saying though?  Just more questions… again.  But actor Nestor Carbonell (Richard) assured fans recently that we’d find out all sorts of details about Richard and the Black Rock in the Ab Aeterno episode coming up in two weeks. 

One thing I do feel pretty secure about is that we finally know what the deal is with Miles’ psychic abilities. It had been bandied about on the interwebs that he was actually hearing messages or perhaps just snippets of conversation from Alt World… but if that were the case how would he know that Nikki and Paolo were buried on the island with diamonds worth millions?  Whew…  finally, a question answered. But that leads us back to what was Juliet talking about when Miles heard what she thought just before she died…  “It worked.” Wait… what worked?  Huh? That message really doesn’t make much sense to me now that we know that Miles can hear what a person was thinking before they died.  I had assumed that post death, Juliet could see something larger and was able to sort of, omnipotently say…  “hey man…  from this crazy dead plane of existence  I can see everything and as Beth said to William Miller before she and two other girls  deflowered him, ‘I’ve seen the future, and this all works out reasonably well.'”  Wow, I really hate it when I’m writing about getting my questions being answered it brings up other questions.  Grrrr..  

Okay… so onto my ‘question’ questions:

Widmore?  Really?  Is HE the guy Jake was talking about when he said, “They’re coming?” Is HE the one who Jake was talking about when he instructed Hurley to take Jack to the lighthouse?  Is HE #108 making his real name “Wallace?”  (and I’d just like to note… I don’t think that Jake was trying to get Jack to smash the lighthouse looking glass to keep him  from the island…  if Widmore is the one he’s talking about who’s coming, we know ol’ Widdy knows how to get to the island without Jake’s freaky, magical, metaphoric lighthouse.)

But I digress… back to the questions…  

Let’s talk about Widmore for a second.  No, rather Bram talking about Widmore.  

Bram works for Jake all right... notice how he pulls up to Miles in the creepy, black abductor van.


In the Season 5 episode, Some like it Hoth Bram was trying to talk Miles out of working for Widmore and going to the island.   His final shot was: 

BRAM: You’re playing for the wrong team!

MILES: Yeah? What team are you on?

BRAM: The one that’s gonna win.

And from events occurring in Season 6, we know that the Team Captain for Bram’s ‘winning side’ was Jake.  So, Bram was trying to keep Widmore from sending a psychic to the island why?  I figured it was because Miles would be working for Widmore and therefore, Widmore must be on Team Smokey.  BUT… if Jake’s “They’re coming” had to do with Widmore and an unidentified periscope scoper on a tiny sub, then wouldn’t that indicate that Widmore is on Team Jake as well?  I mean, he seems pretty stoked that they’re about to have some more guests on Beelzebub Island and Widmore seems to be the only one who is on his way. 

But again… if Widdy is the one that Jake is all giddy about coming to the island… which probably makes him a good guy.  And if Bram wasn’t trying to stop the entire ship’s crew from going (that we know of…) only Miles.  Then why didn’t Jacob want a psychic on the Island? Oi. We need a Miles-centric episode STAT! 

Okay… stepping back.  Taking a breath. Coming at it from a different angle.  Ilana.  Bram is one of Ilana’s men who seem to act as Jacob’s bodyguards on island and disciple/cheerleader off. And Jake’s ‘nemesis’ FLocke’s smoke incarnation took great glee in impaling Bram on a chunk of pointy wood slayer style… This clearly indicates Bram is on on Team Jake, right?  Okay, I’ll buy that.  

But wait a gosh darn second…  why was Jake warning his enemy FLocke of someone coming?  ARe they really Frenemies?  

As you can see… my head is all muddled up.  We have various people running around the island saying that someone is coming… or they’re coming… or he’s coming or whatever.  What if there is someone else other than Jake and FLocke?  

The way I see it… we’ve got the Bears, coached by FLocke doing a convincing Buttermaker.  We’ve got the The Yankee’s coached by Jake doing his best competitive Roy Turner.  They’ve been battling in the island league for sometime now and it looks as if we’re coming down to the championship game… but what if there is someone else… someone higher up?  Like, say Cleveland, the female head of the league who gave us the infamous line, “Goddamn class action suits are gonna be the ruin of this country…” Maybe she is coming and she is the boss of them all?  And she never did want the Bears let into the league and most certainly wouldn’t have wanted them to go to Japan in the sequel that is mysteriously Buttermaker free…  maybe she is coming to the island in a time loop to make sure that they don’t make it into the league in effect making their trip to Japan impossible, class action suits be damned!  

Forever confusing you: Buttermaker and Amanda Whurlitzer doing one hell of a FLocke/Claire impression.


Could Cleveland really be Eloise Hawking?  Is she Island League Manager?  Or someone else… a new person?  

Wow… I’ve had waaaay too much coffee!  Raise your hand if you are confused by the successive and seemingly unrelated pop culture references I’ve made in this post.  Didn’t think I could stick so many in a single post didja? 

Kelly Leak off the feild and on, is not unlike Sawyer in his badassedness.


The real question though… The one we’ve all been wondering about for the last 32 years… (interestingly a number that shows up only in the lighthouse connected to the name Rutherford who not only belongs to Lostaway Shannon but also to blonde actress Kelly Rutherford who plays a very rich, powerful society woman in Gossip Girl… ) Holy crud!  I did it again!  Sorry… back to the real question: 

Whatever happened to Jackie Earle Haley actor who played Kelly Leak?(Note… another Kelly!)   Interestingly, he’s had a pretty diverse career acting in titles such as, Nemesis, Prophet of Evil and most recently Nightmare on Elm Street where he’ll be playing Freddie Kruger. 

Until Next Time: “That douche is my dad.”




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