Farewell My Sweet Chayid…

2 03 2010

So…  a little over an hour after my Chayid theory bit the dust I’m both sad and relived.  I loved the idea of Chalie in a Sayid package…  for what purpose, I have no idea…  but I also didn’t like the idea of Sayid being dead dead. 

The key ingredients of the Chayid dream team.


All I have to say is that I was seduced by Sayid’s odd accent when he came back to life and how much he sounded like Charlie.  It was just a big fat audio Red Herring.  And to this I say…  F*ck you Darlton!  And thanks a lot for distracting me in the final few months of the show.  I spent all that time trying to reason out the whole Chayid theory when I could have been doing more important things…  like another Goonies style comparison pictorial. It would have been called: Lost…  It’s just Fame on an Island.  I can see it now…  

"You've got big dreams Smokey? You want to go home? Well trans-dimensional travel costs... and right here's where you start paying... In sweat!"


What?  It takes time to come up with these clever captions.  Hey… did you guys know that there is Spanish Fame Fan Fiction out there?  No joke! 

Until next time:  Suck it Darlton!  You made Sayid an evil murderer and for that I will never forgive you. (unless you redeem him within the next 5 episodes).

And here is a first for this blog… a long distance dedication… from me… to Sayid.




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