Jacob Dax: A ‘Lost’ Argument for Symbiosis.

23 02 2010

Can we talk about the candidates for a moment? Because frankly, the whole concept is confusing me. First, let’s talk about what we know. 
We know, and this is according to Flocke:
Jacob's Island Rules according to Flocke (in pictographs)

1. Jacob had a thing for numbers.
2. Jacob visited the people who were written on the wall at some point in their lives.
3. If your name is on the wall, you are a candidate
4. Jacob thought he was the protector of the island
5. A candidate is someone who has been nominated to become protector of the island Flocke also implies that if Sawyer wanted he could accept the job, right there, when he says, “Second option: You can accept the job, become the new Jacob and protect the island.”

What else do we know?
Well, Miles’ name “Straube is on the wall but is crossed out, so you can still be alive but no longer a candidate.
Apparently, Jacob has been looking for a candidate for a long ass time. We saw him in the 1800’s pulling people toward the island looking for candidates.
There are people (perhaps like Linus and Whidmore) who have been following Jacob’s orders for years who didn’t even know about the candidacy and are crossed out yet still doing the job of protecting the island. What the hell is up with that? Jacob already has island protectors… ones who would do literally anything to protect it. What more does the guy want?
And how does one actually take this protector position? Well, I have a theory. It is totally insane and proof that I’ve watched far too much Star Trek in my life, but here goes.

Jadzia Dax of ST: Deep Space Nine


What if Jacob is like Jadzia Dax, a jointed Trill on Deep Space 9? For those not in the know… Dax is the result of a Symbiont (a symbiotic life form) that was joined with a humanoid Trill through a surgical procedure where the Symbiont is placed inside the humanoid shell where they share a melded consciousness. For a Trill, becoming joined with a Symbiont is a great honor. It takes a special personality and a lot of mental strength to even be granted a candidacy and there is lots of training and testing to even be considered and beyond that there is years of more training. A Symbiont is a funky little organism looking like a cross between a carrot and an eggplant who, when not joined with a Trill, lives in the caves of Mak’ala, a place on Trill where Symbionts swim in pools of murky liquid, lovingly tended to by unjoined Trills called Guardians who have dedicated their lives to protecting these lifeforms. (Hmmmm…. These guardians sound a bit like a docile version of Others.)

The Dax Symbiont


When a candidate has passed all the tests and has been matched to a Symbiont, the two are joined. The Symbiont is surgically placed inside the trill and after an adjustment period, the joining is complete. The Trill becomes a hybrid of not only her personality and that of the Symbiont but of all the memories and personality traits of all the Trill hosts who came before her.

We have seen that Flocke appears to have John Locke’s memories and some of his characteristics as well, “”Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” Was a good example of a Locke-ism that carried over into the Flocke. And like a joined Symbiont, Ilana said that MIB is good and socked in John Locke’s body… trapped there. With a jointed Symbiont, the trill must die before it’s taken out… it can’t be transferred from one host to another all willy nilly. It’s dangerous to the mental and physical health of both the host and the Symbiont it will kill the host and endanger the Symbiont.

Of course, the Star Trek version of Candidacy is much more scientific and a process full of order and tradition while the Candidacy of Lost is well, really kind of inconsistent, intuitive and really kind of crazy. But could the two campaigns be so different? Or at least the results. What would this mean for Jacob’s end game?

Is that what this whole process has been? Jacob looking for a new host who could handle all of the memories and personality traits of all the other Jacobs that came before? By accepting the job of Jacob, would Sawyer become some funky Jacob/Sawyer hybrid? Does this position come with an unmentioned downside; the losing pieces of yourself and gaining those of another or even others? And perhaps this “home” that Flocke is talking about is a place of tepid water where he can shed his skins and float around, contemplating all of the dark shadows he picked up, moving from host to host? Yeah… I’m grasping… but it’s fun to grasp. Just wait until I start comparing Flocke to Tess Harding of the Teen Sci Fi Drama Rosewell. Yeah… I’m going there. Next week maybe.

One more question… sort of related… sort of not. “The Others:”  

OTHER whats?

Until Next Time: “That douche is my dad.”




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