Lost: The Trouble with Statues…

9 02 2010

While reading a blog about the underwater foot and the S2 foot, I started looking at the four photos of the statue I noticed some differences that sent me on a rant and drove everyone crazy. So I decided to just put up what I noticed here and see if anyone gives a crap.  People have noticed some of these things before and there is even a page at Lostpedia about it… but there are a couple things that I noticed that I haven’t heard anyone else mention.  So…  for your consideration gentle readers… Here is my trouble with statues…  

The statue below is the first time we saw the statue almost in it’s entirety. It was the episode “LaFleur” in Season 5.

The next time we saw the statue was a the end of Season 5 in “The Incident, (Part 1 & 2) where it was determined that the statue was Egyptian deity Taweret. Here is that photo:

Okay, so, first you notice they are a different color. But that could be due to a myriad of reasons from weathering to CGI blunders. They both have cute, pointy ears. They are both holding and ankh in both hands. They are both wearing the same cute little hats like the ones that Betty and Wilma wore on the episode of The Flintstones where they pretended to be waitresses.
But wait, look a little closer:

The one on the right has smooth arms with no elbows evident. The one on the left however clearly has it’s arms bent and the elbow can be seen protruding out a bit. 

Also looking at arms, the one on the right looks a little wimpy, while the one on the left has defined muscles and looks looks tough as if it’s been chopping down trees with an ax and doing curls with their trunks.

In the one on the right, there are natural horizontal lines in the stone. Whereas, the one on the left has slight vertical lines running down the stone in places. 

The one on the right, the hair has verticle grooves in it as if it were combed with a wide tooth comb. The one on the left does not appear to have such grooves. Or perhaps it’s ratted like Sandy’s teased out locks at the end of Grease. 

In the one on the right, the lines in the fabric of the skirt are running from right to left.  In the one on the left, the lines on the fabric are running from left to right.

So, this could all be some kind of oopsie with the CGI or someone would have flipped a negative.  I don’t know.  I just think it is awfully fishy when dealing with a show that places things; clues, everywhere on the island and in bedrooms, on walls, on bookshelves… that such a big difference in the appearance of such a HUGE prop would look so different in the two big reveal scenes by accident.  

Think there are two… perhaps more statues on the island?  I might.  I’m hoping that we get to see more about the statue tonight… only, I fear that perhaps we’ll only get to see “What Kate Does.” le sigh. 

Season 2 Foot anyone? Don’t get me started on that one.

Until Next time: “That douche is my dad.”




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14 02 2010
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10 05 2010

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