Just Turned on Lost… Is that Charlie?

9 02 2010

Is that Charlie in Sayid? Really sounds just like him… especially when he said “Jack.”

Edited to say: 

Charlie did visit Hurley a bunch. He seemed to be flesh and bone. You could say that perhaps he’d been smokified like Locke, but we’ve never seen Smoke off the island. Also, I just am not sure about the idea that there is going to be an army of smoke men vs. the Others as the final season. Charlie and Claire went through so much and Charlie’s story of redemption was perhaps the most powerful on the island and for him to have been possessed by badness and then popped into Sayid who has had a similar journey toward redemption. Hmmmm…

So, how great to see Claire.  She went all rogue like Rousseau.  I reckon those were all her traps.  Must have been what Justin was going to tell Kate… that it was Claire who set the traps.  And wasn’t that Justin guy pretty cool?

OH! And how awesome is Hiroyuki Sanada as Dogen? Apparently the role was written especially for him… according to TPtB. 

Until next time: “That douche is my Dad.”




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10 02 2010
Lost: Soul Transmigration or ‘Stepping In.’ Sayid can you hear me? « My Crazy Lost Theory

[…] like Charlie when he first wakes up and talks to Jack.  You can see my  argument regarding that here. […]

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