Lost: Question about Mr. Smoke.

6 02 2010

What is the deal with Mr. Smoke? When he comes out of the Statue with Ben first he knocks out Richard who’s reaction just seems odd to me.  And then he yells at everyone, “I am very disappointed!  In all of you!” 

Why on earth would he be so disappointed with that cross section of people, who are both good, bad and middle of the road, some who are even holding guns on him, if he is supposed to be the Man in Black whom we saw at the end of last season sitting near the statue having the the following conversation:

Jacob: I take it you’re here ’cause of the ship.
MIB: I am. How did they find the Island?
Jacob: You’ll have to ask ‘em when they get here.
MIB: I don’t have to ask. You brought them here. Still trying to prove me wrong, aren’t you?
Jacob: You are wrong.
MIB: Am I? They come. They fight. They destroy. They corrupt. It always ends the same.
Jacob: It only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress.

Why would Mr. Smoke give a crap if he were the same person who had the above conversation? Most of these people have been fighting, destroying and corrupting. Just as he knew they would. Why would he have expectations to the contrary? After all, he didn’t bring them to the island and have hopes that they’d use their free will to make the right decisions. So why does he have the big frowny face? Is he not who we think?

And if he isn’t, who is he?




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