Lost: Soul Transmigration or ‘Stepping In.’ Sayid can you hear me?

5 02 2010

I’m supposed to be reading the training material for my new continuous glucose meter but something has been on my mind.  Sayid. I haven’t done any googling, there has been no gathering of information… I’m just gonna kick it sort of freestyle, so bear with me.

So… Sayid.  Yes, he is such a perfect slice of man that my mother even commented while he was laying there dead during the season premiere that he was “so beautiful.”  But I suppose that is neither here nor there… freestylin’ people.  Freestylin’.  But lets talk about that moment when he woke up from, well, from the dead.  I’ve heard a lot of people say that it is Sayid.  They are basing this on two factors: 1. That it sounded like Sayid when he asked, “What happened.”

A fresh faced Sayid comes back to life... or does he?




Or 2. That the Other named Lennon who IMO looks like a bespectacled Shaggy, so I’m gonna call him Shaggy from now on, had said that they were all in deep shit if Sayid died.

I'm Brian Williams voice of 'American Newscaster.' Hanging out on a Lost blog for no reason.


Well, personally, I didn’t think Sayid sounded like Sayid when he resurrected. His accent sounded not Iraqi but  “American Newscaster” to me.  Sure, it was his voice but not his accent.   After hearing him last night in the episode “What Kate Does,” I think he sounds more like Charlie when he first wakes up and talks to Jack.  You can see my  argument regarding that here.  

Regardless of who popped into Sayid, I think that Jacob orchestrated this both while living by giving the guitar case to Hurley knowing already what was going to happen to him and while in spirit after his murder when he told Hurley to bring Sayid’s body to the temple knowing that once they read the note they’d put him in the healing spring or pool or whatever. 

So yes, I am getting at the fact that I believe Sayid is not Sayid but Jacob Charlie inhabiting the body of Sayid.  I saw this recently when Melinda’s Dead Husband who’s spirit had been hanging around a while jumped into a freshly dead body on Ghost Whisperer. Yes… I said Ghost Whisper… Don’t judge.  Besides, I’m conviced that Lindelof and Cuse sit around together in Hawaii on Friday nights with nothing better to do than watch cheesy paranormal dramas on NBC.  But can you blame them?  Tears, every time… seriously. But I digress. On that show, they called it “stepping in,” where a spirit who’d been hanging around earth for however long and didn’t want to go “into the light” could jump into an available, freshly vacated body. 

So, that explained, Sayid’s soul maybe long gone or it could be hanging around. Or perhaps it’s trapped inside like someone possessed by multiple personalities or a demon.  I’m definitely not calling Jacob Charlie a demon (not just yet anyway).  but I just have no idea where the soul of Sayid might be. I’m leaning toward it just hanging out… so by that I  think that if Jacob Charlie really is in Sayid’s body, Hurley will be the first to know when he has a conversation with Sayid’s spirit. 

A few more reasons I think this to be true: 

When Dogen notices that something is off with the healing spring in the temple, does a test that to my eyes didn’t really seem to heal the cut he inflicted on his hand, he warns there might be risks.  I think that Jacob’s message was a way of tricking the temple dwellers into aiding him in finding a new body [FOR CHARLIE].  Sort of a fairly delayed soul transmigration. Perhaps what we saw in the water as a rusty color was actually Jacob’s spirit floating around in there?  

The Temple: What's in the water?


What I don’t understand is why Senior Smoke wouldn’t have known this already.  Or is this a loophole that Jacob was able to find.  Frankly though, I’m still not sure what the loophole Sir Smokesalot used exactly.  Bear with me here…  

Was it his escape from the cabin where he was trapped by that circle of black ash?  

Was it tricking Ben into killing Locke so Smoke could use him as the vessel in which to put his spirit/essence?  (and what happened to the original Man in Black body?) 

Was it tricking Ben into turining the Donkey Wheel throwing all these things into motion?

Was it tricking Locke into turning the Donkey Wheel throwing all these things into motion?

Or… once in Locke’s body, was it tricking Ben into killing Jacob and if that were the case why not just use the image of Alex to get Ben to kill Jacob.  Why did Mr. Smoke need a physical form (or whatever Locke’s image is to him) in order to carry out this deed?  

Was it getting Ben to break the rules (island rules between he and whidmore) and come back to the island after he turned the donkey wheel making it possible for Flocke to manipulate him into killing Jacob?

So now… let me break it down to what this freestyle free write has caused my brain to conclude: 

Jacob + Mr. Smoke = controllers of what goes on on the island as well as (im)mortal enemies who cannot kill each other.

Bros Just Chillin'


Widmore + Ben = Mortal men who seem to be embroiled in a battle mirroring that of Jacob and Mr. Smoke. They too cannot kill each other.

Widmore not killing Ben while Ben exiles Widmore instead of killing him.


 Sayid + Locke  = possible incarnates of Jacob and Mr. Smoke. In Season 1 Sayid refused to kill Locke when Shannon asked him to.  He also protected Locke when Shannon tried to kill him herself. (could they subconsciously know they aren’t supposed to kill each other despite their constant clashes?)

[EDIT] OH CRAP… that last bit of brilliance really makes no sense not that I think Charlie is in Sayid, now does it?  Oh well…  Part of the beauty in reviewing and analyzing art in the form of a television serious is the fluidity of it. It’s like charting the bottom of the ocean from it’s surface using just your eyes.  Constantly changing and evolving into different things.  But I digress, here is the remainder of what was once brilliant.  Could be again as soon as they convince me Charlie is really just a dead guy in spirit somewhere:  

Sayid threatens Locke... again.


So, it appears as if there is a bit of loop playing out here: two men with opposing views going to battle.  It’s like that device used in a lot of ghost movies, like The Skeleton Key or even episodes of Ghost Whisper (Yes, again. I’m going to keep harping on that until Linelof and Cuse fess up to their fandom) where ghosts manipulate the living into recreating the same battle they once fought in life. Though, in this case, the archetypes of the battle have pretty fantastical abilities. And IMO the map of these cycles can be found in the  Aztec Creation myth:  The Story of the 5 Suns that revolves around the two gods, Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca helping to create the world and then taking turns destroying it.  To me that sounds a lot like what is going on here, worlds of people created, then destroyed.  Just how many of the Others that we met in season 1 are still alive anyway? 
Until Next Time: “That douche is my dad.”




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