From the Mind of JJ Abrams: Ben vs. Ben

3 02 2010


Ben Linus of JJ Abrams' Lost

I’ve been mulling over the season premiere of Lost for almost 24 hours. And I can say that because I had a really annoying dream about the whole Jack/Kate/Sawyer love triangle thing that we may have to endure for another season. And what I’ve decided to do is leave the hard physics stuff to Sarah Samudre and the overall crazy awesomeness of the ep to John Cabrera and just concentrate on my whole current brain muddle of Locke, MIB, Smokey, Tezcatlipoca, Ben, Smokey, Christian, Jacob, Sayid, Quetzalcoatl ordeal. I’m still mulling things over and may have a post up soon… but I really wanted to put up something that was kinda fun and might relieve some of that crushing pressure on our brains that’s been building since the sudden confused look on Richard’s face. I mean, if he’s confused… we’re all in trouble!
So please, enjoy my list of similarities between the two Bens of the AbramsVerse. It was fun to make, especially considering my deep appreciation for Abrams’ freshman show Felicity. Also, Ben Linus is deliciously wicked… and Ben Covington… well, he’s just delicious.

1. Ben Linus is a child of an abusive, alcoholic Father
Ben Covington was a child of abusive. alcoholic father

2. Ben Linus has blue eyes
Ben Covington has blue eyes

3. Ben Linus has spikey hair
Ben Covington has spikey hair

4. Ben Linus wore coveralls when working for DHARMA before the Purge
Ben Covington wore a uniform when working at Dean & Deluca

5. Ben Linus was the leader of a book club
Ben Covington spent time in a library during finals week

6. Ben Linus sent Goodman off to a certain death assignment after finding out about the affair with Ben’s unrequited love Juliet.
Ben Covington leaked damaging information about Greg’s past cocaine addiction when he learned he shared a kiss with Ben’s unrequited crush Felicity

Ben Covington of JJ Abrams' Felicity

7. Ben Linus shares the island with the Smoke Monster
Ben Covington shared a loft with Meghan Rotundi

8. Ben Linus was the reason that the Lostaways went skipping through time because he moved the island when “Jacob” tells him to.
Ben Covington was the reason that Felicity’s friend Meghan preformed a time travel spell that sent her back in time to pick Noel

9. Ben Linus reunites father and son when he gives Walt back to Michael
Ben Covington reunites father and son when he interns for a Wall Street Broker and ends up babysitting

10. Ben Linus wouldn’t need birth control because the island is like a giant, deadly morning-after pill
Ben Covington watched his ex-girlfriend Julie Emerick on the news talking about the morning-after pill

11. Ben Linus gets beat up at Swan Station because he was acting like a douche
Ben Covington gets beat up at Epstein Bar because he was acting like a douche

12. Ben Linus was in love with a doctor ~ Juliet
Ben Covington was in love with a (future) doctor ~ Felicity

13. Ben Linus watched the activities of Kate, Sawyer, and Jack on video surveillance monitors in the Hydra
Ben Covington watches video footage of Felicity when Sean is making a Docuventary about his friends

14. Ben Linus stole a baby from a French woman and named her Alex
Ben Covington had a baby with an Italian woman and named him Andrew

15. Ben Linus doesn’t get any action with the ladies on the island
Ben Covington gets tons of action with the ladies on the island of Manhattan because he’s totally hot




One response

5 02 2010

Ha! Hilarious post. Look for a nefarious Klingon in the next Star Trek to be named Ben.

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