Wonder Woman & Paradise Island/Themyscira

2 02 2010


You might be wondering what DC comic Book character Wonder Woman and her home, a lost island to which a band of Amazon women fled in 200 B.C. in order to escape constant harassment at the hands of  the Romans and Greeks has to do with the mysterious island on Lost?  I think plenty.


Wow... that upper left photo there might as well be of Kate and Claire!


I’m not saying, by any means, that during the series finale of Lost, Wonder Woman will land in her invisible jet, free her Amazonian sisters, who are being held underneath the temple under the guard of the Smoke Monster, and save the day. Though, how cool would that be?  I’m just saying that the creators and writers of lost , who are HUGE fans of comics, (many of them concurrently work on the show AND as comic book writers) may have “borrowed” certain aspects of the island and what it can do. 

As a kid, I was huge into the television show Wonder Woman. I remember pretending to be her and her alter ego “Diana Prince” on the playground in the 3rd grade. I would assign people to attack me and then as soon as I could, do that fancy three times around twirl and suddenly I had an imaginary lasso at my side and was wearing imaginary bullet proof jewelry and kicked the asses of my playground coconspirators. So, when thinking about the Lost Island and the notion that it might be Atlantis or some other mythical utopian island, I started thinking about the fictional islands of our pop culture; the foremost in my mine being Paradise Island closely followed by Fantasy Island and Waponi Wu (from Joe Verses the Volcano). 

I didn’t have to go far in my looking when I started reading about the Paradise Island of DC Comics. My two big deciding factors are included the following:

1. When the Amazons are forced to leave their home city state , Themyscira, they lose favor with the Gods and are turned into immortals and sent to a far off island which they name after their former home Themyscira  (though, was known on the television show as Paradise Island). Here they had to spend their days and nights guarding the doorway to Tartarus which lies underneath the island. I wonder if the Amazons had to push a button every 108 minutes?

2. It seems that regardless of whether the Amazons were looked down upon or in favor with their gods, whenever they get into trouble or their island gets destroyed, Zeus or another of the gods rebuilds and/or relocates it. One such time, Themyscira is moved from the Aegean Sea to the Bermuda Triangle.

Hmmm… this whole ‘Gods moving the island’ thing sounds a bit like the time that Ben turned the donkey Wheel to “move the island” as Godhead Jacob instructed him to do. Then, later or is it earlier? Okay, it was sometime before 1974 during a time skip when Locke was met down near the donkey wheel by Christian, who hangs out with one of the Godheads, (though, I’m not sure at this point which god) and instructed by him to turn the donkey wheel because it was off it’s axis. Those two incidents combined sure sound like it’s the God’s who are the ones deciding when and why to move the island. 

A rebuilt and relocated Themyscira as seen in Wonder Woman (vol. 2) #177 (Feb 2002)


So, those are the two big things that stuck out in my mind. If this interests you, please click on the above links for both Themyscira and Tartarus for some interesting Wiki reading and a few more possible Lost connections. Don’t miss the part about wild boar and horses. 

I found the bit about the door to Tartarus being underneath Themyscira to be interesting. In Greek Mythology it is a place that is said to  lie underneath Hades and is basically a, “the hell you make” sort of place. It’s said to be the location where Sisyphus is continually pushing that rock up that mountain. Many have wondered about the Lost island being a place of purgatory or punishment,  sort of hell you make vacationing experience but keep getting negated by the writers, I still think it’s a valid comparison.

So, that is that.  I’m not banking on it being revealed that the Lostaways are on the secret isle of women because, frankly, where are the women?  There are just a bunch of dudes and a few women, running around in the jungle looking like they raided the wardrobe left behind from the Deadwood set.  But I am suggesting that some of the key elements to the island; what it does, why it does, who it does, can be found in the Wonder Woman comics. 

Wow, I’m beginning to think that the TPtB were sitting around one day trading comic books and started talking about their favorite super heroes and bam! The show, Lost was born.  

Oh… and congratulations on making it through an entire summer, fall and half a winter to get to this day.  The day of the Lost S6 premiere.  So excited about this.  And I shall spend my day thinking about Aztec Calenders and donkey wheels.  Just for fun.  

Until Next Time: “That douche is my dad.” 




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