Lost: Blast Door Map or The Map of Chicomoztoc?

2 02 2010

Below is the map that Locke saw on the back of the Blast Door in the Lost S1 Ep17 episode, Lockdown. The map seems to show the locations of 7 of the DHARMA Stations.

And THIS is a map of Chicomoztoc, the place of seven caves, where the Nahua people lived before they headed to the North in search Aztlan, another theoretical Atlantis. The Nahua became known as the Aztecs. Looks very similar doesn’t it?  Coincidence

Hey!  Is that Locke up there naked and wearing a boar skin? And is it me or does that black shading look a bit like the smoke monster? What’s with that creepy arm?

Until Next Time: “That Douche is my Dad.”




2 responses

7 09 2011

Dear friend. This is my Chicomoztoc Site. I’ll be very happy to talk with u about it and its symbology

7 09 2011

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